two women doing outdoor yoga on the grass
Photo: Polina Tankilevitch

We all know, love, and cherish the importance of regular exercise. For instance, did you know that regular physical activities lower the chance of premature death by 30%, reducing the risk of serious heart diseases and diabetes? Sounds like a great motivation for building a workout routine, doesn’t it? Weel, if only everything was so easy!

Finding enough time for strength training or even cardio is quite a task on its own, not talking about regular exercising. If only it was possible to combine the leisure time you spend with the people you love and oh-so-needed workout sessions. Well, it is not an impossible task. Combining fun and physical activities is a genius idea. Add a few friends, your kids, and other people who want to participate, and you get yourself a perfect leisure time formula.

The benefits of such training include fresh air, a powerful boost of mood, socializing, spending quality time, and, of course, a unique experience. Almost forgot to mention that outdoor exercising reduces your risks of catching viruses (say no to Covid-19). Now, when you are ready to begin your journey to a healthier lifestyle, you’ll probably need a few swell ideas. With the help of Kameymall, I’ve compiled a few outdoor physical activities, which will help you to burn calories almost instantly and entertain you and your friends.

two people are playing in zorb balls

#1: Obstacle Course

Let’s begin with a classic obstacle course, loved by both kids and parents. I always imagine myself as Lara Croft, no less, when I get on one of those. Take it to the next level by conquering the aerial obstacle course. Some parks set them up for children, people with no experience, and serial adventurers. This type of activity burns up to 300 calories per 30 minutes of fun, depending on the difficulty of the course.

#2: Zorb Football

Next goes something exciting, and non-trivial, something like Zorb football, also known as bubble soccer. Built on the basic rules of classic football, it combines the fun aspect of team sport with the added complication in the shape of a special zorb ball. Each player’s torso is placed in a huge bubble-like ball that constrains movements and bounces off the obstacles and other players. Get ready for some serious sweat flowing, as Zorn football burns those calories as a hot plate!

water sliding air track mat

#3: Ping Pong

What sport and recreation park doesn’t have a ping pong table? Table tennis is one of the most popular outdoor sports that can burn up to 150 – 450 calories per 30 minutes of active playing. Only two players are required for a full experience, and it exercises your whole body, including arms, wrists, and legs. Additionally, you will be able to pump your core, so get into it enthusiastically. 

#4: Bike Safari

If your family and friends love bicycling, then the next activity was made for you. A bike safari combines bike riding, photography, quest, and competition, making it an awesome time for kids and adults to spend. The objective is to visit and take the best shots of the places in your city/neighborhood in a limited amount of time. The winner will receive a prize and pick the next list of destinations.

#5: Water Sliding 

You don’t have to go to the sea or lake to prepare for the next fun, and fat-burning play. Water sliding or slip and slope is by far the most enjoyable summer activity, which, of course, can be relished by people of all ages. To make the most of water sliding, you can DIY your own slide with a thick plastic sheet, or use an air track mat, and don’t forget about the soap. Soap is a part of the fun! Add a soap bubble blowing to the water sliding, and you’ll have even more fun.

woman in mask snorkleling under the water
Photo: Jess Loiterton

#6: Snorkeling

For the next practice, you’ll need to go to the river or the sea simultaneously enjoying the nature around you. Snorkeling maybe not be for everyone, but once you try it, you want to experience it regularly. All you need to start is comfortable swimwear, a snorkeling mask, and a pair of fins that can be bought later, once you have some experience. Begin in the shallow water, and add some extra tasks — pick shells, and rocks, or clean up the bottom of the river from the trash.

#7: Water Yoga

Have you ever heard of water yoga? Its popularity is on the rise, together with zorb football. The idea is to feel your body, and find a balance on a board that sways on the surface of the water. The water yoga workout can be performed in a calm lake or pool, or on the water with a smooth current. The water yoga boards also vary from smaller, stable boards with no puddle, to larger boards with puddles that look almost like a kayak.

Whether you plan to work out in a large group or spend a tet-a-tet session with someone close, these activities will have you all set and covered. You can choose only one of them, or try them all one by one, picking a few you like the most. How does it sound? Let me know which one of these sounds the most exciting for you.

Lots of love,