a portable ipl machine by homiley to remove hair photos, review and results on the blog

Do you know what IPl hair removal is? I bet everyone heard of it but never had an opportunity to get acquainted with this method a bit closer. A few months ago I was lucky enough to receive my very own portable IPL system from Homiley. This little device promised to help me get rid of unwanted hair in various places of my body for a very long time. Maybe even forever? In any case, this sounds promising and very exciting, let's take a look?

What is IPL Device & How Does it Work?

Of course, before receiving my Beauty Rose Skin* IPL machine, I had heard of intense pulsed light technology. But I have never had an opportunity to learn about the way it works. So, let's begin with the basics. Intense pulsed light (IPL) is a technology widely used in the medical and cosmetic industries. A portable IPL machine releases a high-powered pulse of light, which is absorbed by the hair follicle. As the heat is absorbed by the hair, it falls out, and the hair follicle goes into a 'resting' phase. 

The technology is very similar to laser treatment, as they both use a powerful light/heat impact to reduce hair growth. However, the IPL technology uses a broad spectrum instead of a single wavelength of light. Just like the laser treatment, pulsed light hair removal works best with dark hair and lighter skin tones. It is because dark hair has a lot of pigment to it, and lighter skin creates contrast, making it easier for the pulse of light to penetrate the hair.

a portable ipl machine by homiley to remove hair photos, review and results on the blog

The Beauty Rose IPL Hair Removal by Homiley

The 'Beauty Rose' is a portative IPL device, which you can use at home to treat your hair. Together with the device, you'll get a pair of sunglasses to protect your eyes, a disposable plastic razor, a power connector, and detailed instructions on how to use and maintain the device. The device itself looks like a jumbo-epilator, but instead of a plucking device, there is a special head that releases a flash.

I got mine in a classic white rendition, but there are several color options available on Homiley's official website. There is a large display that shows one of the five gears or intensity levels you are using, and one of two flash modes. You'll also see the amount of 'shots' left in the bulbs (starting with the number 990000.) 

The written instructions, which come with each device, are very simple, but detailed. I recommend you thoroughly read it, before starting your hair treatment, as there are a few very important aspects to consider. But, don't worry, you won't have any trouble following them. Here is a very short version that will help you to get the whole idea of the process.

a portable ipl machine by homiley to remove hair photos, review and results on the blog

How to Use an IPL Device at Home?

1. Before starting your IPL hair removal with Homiley make sure your skin is not damaged, irritated, or burnt. If you have a sensitive skin type or other skin concerns, make sure to consult your dermatologist before starting.

2. Shave the area you want to treat with the razor, using a neutral soap to make the razor glide on the surface of the skin. Don't use any moisturizer after shaving, or the flash won't be triggered. 

2. Connect the portative IPL device to the power source, set the gear and mode according to the instructions, and put on the glasses that come in the box with the device.

3. Put the flash head to the skin, holding it vertically at a  90-degree angle. Push the button to trigger the flash.

4. Move from one area of the skin to the next one, slowly treating the skin. 

5. Repeat a few times per week, giving your skin a break between the sessions. You'll need 4-8 sessions to see the first results.

a portable ipl machine by homiley to remove hair photos, review and results on the blog

My Experience with the Homiley IPL Removing System

To be completely honest with you, I was a bit worried about starting the treatment. I was afraid of burning my skin or not being able to tolerate the pain. Thankfully, I had zero unpleasant sensations while using the IPL at home. As was recommended in the instructions, for my first hair removal session I used the first and the lightest gear. For my next session, I used the 4th gear, and for the third the most powerful 5th gear.

All you can feel while using the device is a very mild warm sensation that lightly touches the skin and goes away in no time. It is completely normal to get slightly red and irritated skin, but I had no experience of this kind. After the session is over, it is time to use some nourishing moisturizer with natural ingredients to calm the skin. It is also recommended not to expose the treated area to sunlight. 

a portable ipl machine by homiley to remove hair photos, review and results on the blog

Final Verdict & My Results

There are definitely a few major pros and cons with the IPL hair removal method. First of all, it does not work on every skin tone and every hair color. The IPL system is tied to skin and hair pigmentation, and the same results can't be guaranteed for everyone. The longevity of the treatment also may vary from person to person, but usually, it takes up to several weeks to see the first results. 

Until now, I had seven IPL sessions on my forearms and the back of my hands, and six sessions on my legs (calves and thighs). I have light skin and dense dark hair, but I'm still waiting for my hair follicles to go into the 'resting' phase. The hair on my forearms and the back of my hand have definitely become much thinner. The hair on my legs hasn't changed, so I probably need another 4 to 8 sessions there.


Another major con of the IPL hair removal method is the duration of each session. It takes me up to an hour to treat my forearms and legs. But, I believe the laser hair treatment can take even longer and is more expensive.

Now, to the pros of the IPL method. I found it so easy to use! Unlike messy shaving and painful waxing, the at-home IPL device is as easy as pie. You simply lay in the comfort of your own bed (it is exactly where I used my Homiley), watch Netflix, and treat your skin with a warm flash. The hair-removal process never was as simple and relaxing. And, if after shaving hair grows as thick as cat whiskers after the IPL it is soft and thin.


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