close-up of an opened pot with the Nourishing Body Butter by The Body Shop on a pink background

Body butter is a highly underestimated product in the world of skincare. On the one hand, there are light moisturizers that are immediately absorbed into the skin. On the other hand, there are natural oils that provide your skin with nutrients and moisture for hours. Body butter stands somewhere in between, most of the time, being ignored by beauty and skincare enthusiasts.

I love body butters! From the moment I bought my very first jar of body butter by Oriflame, I knew I must include this rich moisturizer into my body care routine. Surely, this isn't your everyday to-go moisturizer, which you would use daily. However, if used correctly, body butter can cure dry skin instantly! And, for all of you, who love body butter as much as I do, I prepared an informative review of one of my favorite products at this time – a nourishing Shea Body Butter by The Body Shop.

What is the Shea Nourishing Body Butter?

The nourishing body butter by The Body Shop is an all-body moisturizer with Butyrospermum Parkii (Shea) Butter as a predominant ingredient in the formula. It's a thick and creamy formula with 97% ingredients of natural origin formulated for dry and very dry skin. The intense formula is claimed to keep your skin moisturized for 72 hours and give it a delicious, warm scent.

close-up of an opened pot with the Nourishing Body Butter by The Body Shop on a pink background

Packaging & Ingredents

Body butter by The Body Shop comes in a convenient and sturdy plastic pot also known as a tub. It is flat and shallow, making it a perfect container for scooping. The product has a velvety, butter-like texture, which melts on the skin, once you apply it. Another iconic feature of the product is the natural scent of Shea nuts. It is warming and stays on the skin for quite a while.

The two main ingredients of this thick moisturizer are water and Shea butter, followed by other nourishing ingredients such as Cacao Seed butter, glycerin, and Oleifera Seed Oil. The Body Shop claims that every pot of this moisturizer is packed with butter extracted from 36 shea nuts. And it's indeed a lot!

Is Shea Body Butter Good for Your Skin?

Extracted from the nuts of the African shea tree, this natural ingredient is rich in various vitamins and minerals. Shea body butter is particularly effective for moisturizing dry, flaky, and dull skin. The high concentration of fatty acids makes this skincare ingredient an excellent emollient, which means it can help soothe and soften rough patches of skin. Moreover, shea body butter contains antioxidants that protect the skin from environmental stressors like pollution and UV radiation, which can cause premature aging and damage. 

It also has anti-inflammatory properties that can calm irritated or sensitive skin, making it a great choice for those with conditions like eczema or psoriasis. But the best thing about shea butter is that it is easily absorbed by the skin. Of course, compared to gel-based ingredients, it is thicker and heavier, but it doesn't leave a greasy residue on the skin. 

close-up shot of an opened pot with the Nourishing Body Butter by The Body Shop showing the texture of the product

How Do You Use Body Butter?

Unlike the lightweight texture of most body moisturizers, body butter has a thick and rich structure. To get the most out of its nourishing formula, it's essential to know how to use it properly. So, here is how to use body butter by The Body Shop on your skin:

  •  Start with clean and dry skin. Take a tiny amount of butter with your fingers. A little of its thick textures go a long way;

  • Rub the body butter between your fingers and palms to warm and soften it. This will help the product spread evenly on your skin;

  • Gently massage the body butter into your skin, using circular motions to help the product absorb into your skin. Pay extra attention to areas that tend to be dry, such as elbows, knees, and feet. These areas need more moisture to stay hydrated and soft.

  • Allow the body butter to absorb fully into your skin before getting dressed. If necessary, repeat the steps.

Final Verdict

Let's wrap up this review! The Body Shop's Nourishing Body Butter is a fantastic product that delivers on its promises. Whether you're looking for a rich, hydrating body cream or just a simple way to pamper yourself, this body butter is worth trying, especially for such an affordable price. This is my product of choice for the colder time of the year, as it keeps the skin soft, smooth, and moisturized. And the pleasant scent makes it a joy to use! Have you ever tried it?

Lots of love,

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