a close-up portrait of a young woman with bushy eyebrows, clear skin and clean girl look

A clean girl look may be controversial, but it is undoubtedly a low-key way to make you look and feel on point with little to no effort! A sleek, flawlessly gathered ponytail or a bun, groomed eyebrows, curly lashes, roughed lips, and cheeks – this is pretty much it! Combine it with a simple outfit, and your perfect, clean girl formula is nailed. To give you a better idea of what might your clean girl makeup look like, here are the top 10 ideas to inspire your choice. From radiant skin and blushy cheeks to dewy lips. What part of your face would you accentuate?

a selfie of a young, beautiful woman with a clean girl makeup look
Photo: @alexlitonjua

  • Blushy Cheeks

Youthful, rouged cheeks are a simple yet effective way to slay a clean girl look with a natural flush to the skin. This look involves minimal usage of makeup products, with a focus on achieving a natural and effortless appearance.

To achieve this look, start with clean, moisturized skin. Next, use a lightweight foundation, tinted moisturizer, or a few drops of hydrating BB cream to make the skin tone even. Then, choose a cream blush in a natural pink or peach shade and apply it lightly to the apples of the cheeks. Use a stippling makeup brush or your fingers to get the best finish.

Complete the look with a light coat of mascara to the lashes and a tinted lip balm to the lips. This look is perfect for everyday wear, as it is quick and easy to achieve. You'll need only a few minutes of your morning time, basic makeup products, and no experience to get it.

a selfie of a young, beautiful woman with a clean girl makeup look
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  • Ombré Lips

This is one of the most popular makeup techniques to achieve an effortless, minimalistic lip look. It involves applying two or more shades of lipstick or tinted lip balm to create a gradient effect on the lips. The better is blending, the more smooth your lips will look.

Get the iconic ombré lips by applying a base coat of lipstick in the lightest shade. Then, apply a darker shade on the outer corners of the lips (or the center), using a lip brush to blend the two shades together. For a more dramatic effect, you can add a third, darker shade in the middle of the lips and blend it together with two other shades.

Ombré lip look is perfect for those who prefer a natural, understated look but still want to add a touch of color and dimension to their lips. This trend works well with neutral or muted shades, making it a versatile and easy-to-wear makeup look for any occasion.

a selfie of a young, beautiful woman with a clean girl makeup look and radiant skin

  • Glowing Skin

Radiant skin glowing with health and youth is a dream look for many of us! It is a statement on its own. This clean girl trend aims to create a natural, glowing complexion. Instead of covering your beauty marks, freckles, and texture, focus on enhancing the skin's natural beauty. The key to achieving this look is to start with a good skincare routine that includes regular exfoliation, hydration, and protection from the sun.

A glowing look requires minimal makeup. A light-coverage foundation or moisturizer will even out discolorations, and concealer will cover any blemishes or dark circles under the eyes. Use a small amount of cream or liquid highlighter to emphasize the highest points of the face, such as the cheekbones, brow bones, and cupid's bow. The final step is to add a touch of color to the cheeks and lips 

a selfie of a young, beautiful woman with a clean girl makeup look and bushy brows
Photo: Amanda Khamakaew

  • Bushy Eyebrows

The bushy eyebrows trend has been with us for a solid decade now. Makeup artists and beauty influencers are trying to perfect this look, creating new techniques and using new products. This look may be more difficult to achieve if you don't have actual eyebrow hairs to work with, but it is still possible!

Start by combing through your eyebrows with a wand. Brush them upwards, beautifully styling hairs on the skin. Many makeup artists use a clear eyebrow gel or wax to shape and hold eyebrows in place. Some may also use a tinted eyebrow gel or pencil to fill in sparse areas, but the focus is on keeping the look natural and undone. You can also use a thin synthetic brush or brow eyeliner to create an illusion of a more full brow look.

a selfie of a young, beautiful woman with a clean girl makeup look
Photo: @claudianeacsu

  • Stained Lips

The next minimalistic makeup trend focuses on creating a subtle and natural-looking lip color that appears as if the lips are naturally pigmented. Unlike beautifully smoothed, ombré lips, a stained lip look require only one lip product of your choice and no makeup skills.  
Start by exfoliating and moisturizing your lips. Then, choose a lip stain or lip tint that complements your natural lip color and skin tone. Apply the product to the center of your lips, slowly blending it outwards using your fingers. You can also blot the lips with a tissue to create a more natural, soft finish.

The stained lip look is perfect for those who want a low-maintenance, clean girl look. It is versatile and can be worn for any occasion, from a casual day out to a formal event.

a selfie of a young, beautiful woman with a clean girl makeup look

  • Long Lashes

A great way to add pizazz to a simplistic no-makeup makeup look is with eyelash extensions or a pair of falsies on your lids. Of course, you can also opt for an extra layer of mascara, but not all of us are lucky enough to have long natural lashes. If you prefer false lashes to eyelash extensions, you should opt for a natural-looking pair. Pick falsies that resemble your natural lashes but are slightly thicker and longer.

Keep the rest of your makeup look simple and clean. Glowing skin, a touch of highlighter to the cheekbones and inner eye corners, a hue of creamy blush on the cheeks. Use a neutral eyeshadow shade to define the crease and add depth to the eyes.

a selfie of a young, beautiful woman with a clean girl makeup look and glossy lips

  • Glossy Lips

It is impossible to imagine a clean girl look without a layer of shiny lip gloss on the lips. To achieve this look, a sheer, moisturizing lip balm or gloss is applied to the lips. A good-quality lip gloss will provide hydration and give your lips a subtle shine without the heaviness of traditional lipstick.

With glossy lips, you can also incorporate more minimalist makeup trends into a look. For example, you can wear bushy eyebrows and long lashes along with high-shine lips. You can also stain your lips with a lip tint and then apply a coat of lip gloss on top of the lips.

a selfie of a young, beautiful woman with a clean girl makeup look and faux freckles
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  • Frisky Freckles

There is nothing more beautiful than freckles! Of course, you don't have to expose your skin to the sun or tattoo them onto your face. Instead, you can use makeup to create them on your face. Faux freckles have become a popular makeup trend in recent years. To 'fake' them apply tiny dots and specs on the skin with a fine-tipped brush, mimicking the appearance of the natural freckles. 

The faux freckles trend is a fun way to experiment with your makeup routine and create a unique, one-of-a-kind look. Whether you choose to apply them sparingly or go all out with a full face of freckles, this trend is sure to add a touch of whimsy and charm to your overall style.

a selfie of a young, beautiful woman with a clean girl makeup look
Photo: @orionvanessa

  • Touch of Color

A little bit of pale, natural-looking hue has never hurt anybody? And who said that the clean girl looks must be all neutral and nude-colored? A subtle touch of color on the eyes will bring your eye color and freshen up your complexion. Use a light shade complementary to your skin tone and eyes, and apply it all over your lids. Add a small amount of pearlescent highlighter to the cheekbones and the inner corner of your eyes. 

Finish up this look by curling up your lashes and adding a few coats of mascara. For the lips apply a nourishing lip balm and don't forget to highlight your Cupid's bow! This little trick will make your lips appear bigger and plumper.

a selfie of a young, beautiful woman with a clean girl makeup look and glossy eyelids
Photo: Amanda Obdam

  • Glossy Eyelids

And for the final look, I picked up my favorite and very controversial trend, which will fit the clean girl aesthetics. I'm talking about the infamous glossy eyelids! This loved/hated trend has always been on my mind since I saw it for the first time. The glossy eyelid trend adds a touch of glam and sophistication to any look, perfect for a night out or a special occasion. It's versatile enough to pair with natural makeup or a bold lip, making it a favorite among makeup enthusiasts. But, of course, we are going to opt for neutral, nude tones for now.

Start by prepping your eyelids with a hydrating eye cream to keep them smooth and supple. Next, apply a thin layer of clear lip gloss or petroleum jelly to your eyelids and spread it with a brush or your fingertips.

Final Thoughts

Now, let's try to summarize this huge blog post. Clean girl makeup is your savior when you need an effortless but chic look. It's like a white button-down shirt or jeans - timeless and irreplaceable. Embrace simplicity and let your natural beauty shine, and these looks from above will serve as your inspiration!

Lots of love,