As much as we use body scrubs and polishes in our daily skincare routine, I always feel that this body product is always left behind. There are not enough words that have been said about scrubs and not enough beauty reviews... Even on my blog, in almost 10 years of its existence, I only talked about skin peeling products just a few times. To fight against this cruel injustice, I've decided to talk about the Macadamia and Rice Milk body polish by Dove, which has the most delicious nutty scent and velvety texture.

I believe everyone here has heard or tried beauty products by Dove. It is an affordable and very popular drugstore brand, which is widespread across the US and Europe. Oddly enough, it is not as popular here in Brazil. For instance, I have never seen this scrub in any store. However, it is possible to order it online. My jar of Macadamia and Rice Milk body polish I got as a present from my sister who lives in Germany. She adores this product, and I was happy to try out something she recommends so much.

What is the Difference Between Scrub and Polish?

But what is the actual difference between the skin scrub and polish? Before this review, I had never thought about this question. The difference is mild, but crucial when building your daily skincare routine. A skin scrub consists of two main ingredients: a cleansing product and exfoliating particles. The main goal of the scrub is to cleanse your skin, remove the dead cells and improve the blood circulation in the tissue. 

Unlike the scrub body polish usually consists of a moisturizing component and very fine particles. It is 'buffing' the surface of the skin while conditioning and nourishing it. The results after the skin polishing procedure are way milder. The body polish is a product that will make your skin both soft and glowing.

a collage with two pictures of dove body polish

The Macadamia And Rice Milk body polish is exactly what you need if you are looking for a mild product. Its gentle texture won't hurt and won't dry the skin. As you can tell by the name, the main peeling agent in this product is crushed macadamia nuts. These particles feel and look like refined sugar – fine and rounded.

This body polish is based on macadamia oil and rice bran extract. Both of them are great for softening and nourishing even the driest skin. The whipped texture and a sweet nutty fragrance create a wonderful combination that turns even the quickest 15-minute shower into a SPA session.

Final Verdict

Dove claims that the process of peeling doesn't have to be too rough or damaging for the skin. Instead, it could be a very pleasant procedure texture and scent-wise. Certainly, it is hard to disagree. I fell in love with this body polish, just like my sister once did. You can call it a love triangle! The Macadamia And Rice Milk body polish is an affordable product. Hence, everyone who looks to treat their skin with something delicious and complete their daily skincare routine can look no further.

Lots of love,