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Portable and reachable skin care devices have become increasingly popular in recent years. I think after the pandemic, more and more people are looking for a simple, non-invasive treatment that you can do at home. However, these devices offer a variety of benefits, such as low cost, availability, and the ability to target specific skin issues.

In my previous blog posts, I've been talking about the IPL hair removal and ultrasonic face scrubber, which I love to incorporate into my skincare routine. But today, I want to discuss the all-in-one device that combines radio frequency, EMS, and phototherapy technologies to deliver the ultimate at-home skincare treatment.

What is Sunmay VSkin Radio Frequency & EMS Device?

Sunmay VSkin is a portable facelift device* designed for comfortable at-home use. It combines radio frequency and EMS technologies to provide an in-depth skincare treatment. The design Sunmay VSkin device allows you to use it on every part of your face and neck, including sensitive areas around the eyes.

The device looks like a compact flashlight – a stick with an RF/EMS massage head. It features four bubble-like massagers on top of the head and a lightbulb. The device also has three light indicators that show you the charging level and the mode you are currently using (red or blue). With a complete user manual, you'll also receive a versatile charging cable and a small pouch to store your Sunmay device.

Sunmay VSkin is an all-in-one device that unifies four popular skincare treatments: an RF, aka Radio Frequency treatment, the EMS or Electrical Muscle Stimulation, plus the red and blue light therapies. That's a lot of various functions for such a small device! Okay, let's take a deeper look and understand how each treatment works for the skin.

close-up shot of a portative radio-frequency skincare device by Sunmay

What is Radio Frequency Therapy?

Radio-frequency (or RF) therapy is one of the most popular, non-invasive skin care treatments. It uses radio waves to produce heat and create micro-injures in the skin. Skin's response to such treatment is to start the healing process and promote collagen production in the tissues. This procedure can be done on any place of the body for skin tightening, lifting, and firming.

In one of Allure's articles, a double board-certified oculofacial plastic surgeon Robert Schwarcz pointed out that radio-frequency treatment isn't new. It has been around in the medical and skincare industry for 20+ years. However, it has evolved and developed considerably in the last few years. That's how we can use a non-surgical facelift device such as Sunmay.

What is red light therapy?

Red light therapy, on the other hand, is a form of phototherapy. It uses a low-wavelength red light to penetrate the skin similarly to promote healing and improve the skin's health. Red light reduces inflammation and improves the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. It is widely used in treating various skin conditions like acne, psoriasis, and eczema.

Red light therapy is completely safe as long as used moderately and according to instructions. Unlike ultraviolet light from the sun or tanning booths, red light doesn't cause cancer. So, it is safe to use it for a non-surgical facelift.

close-up of a portative facelift device Sunmay laying o yop of a furry rug

What is blue light therapy?

Blue light therapy (or BLT) uses light in the blue spectrum to treat the skin. Phototherapy with visible blue light is clinically shown to control mild to moderate acne with no side effects and harsh treatments, only a pleasant warmth to the skin and, in our case, the comfort of your home.

The light emitted from the facelift device features a blue light diode. When directed to the affected area on your face and body, it kills bacteria, reduces inflammation, and promotes healing. BLT is often combined with other treatments and medications for the best results.

What is EMS Skincare?

And, lastly, a few words about Electrical Muscle Stimulation. This non-surgical face treatment is also super popular and widely used in the medical and skincare industries. EMS uses low-frequency electrical impulses to stimulate the muscles and underlying tissue in the skin. The stimulation is believed to help improve blood circulation, increase collagen production, and promote skin elasticity. As a result of the EMS, you'll get a more youthful appearance with no surgeries or harsh treatments.

With the Sunmay VSkin device, you'll be able to perform EMS treatment as often as necessary and be safe for your skin type. Like RF and phototherapy, it is frequently used with other skincare treatments, such as microdermabrasion or chemical peels, to enhance their effectiveness. 

female hand holding a turned on facelift device

How to Use an At-home Facelift Device?

After a quick look-through of the theory, it is time to learn how to use the device. First and foremost, I suggest you read the user manual that comes in the package. The manual guides you through charging, cleaning, using, and storing your Sunmay device. Take special attention to the current condition of your skin and any specific concerns you may have. It is always best to consult your dermatologists before starting any at-home skincare treatments. 

1. After your facelift device is charged and ready, prepare your skin for the procedure. It is recommended to clean your skin, as you would normally do, with a mild facial cleanser. 

2. For the device to glide on the skin, use some moisturizer. Turn on the device and pick a suitable mode and intensity level for your skin.

3. Start gently massaging your skin, following the massage lines on your face and neck. Use light pressure and try not to 'wrinkle' your skin. The facelift device emits the chosen light and soft warmth, which feels very pleasant on the skin.

4. After a quick session (5-6 minutes), clean your device and use a nourishing face mask or moisturizer on your skin. I like using a homemade avocado mask to treat my skin after the procedure.

close-up of a female face using a portative facelift device on her skin

Final Verdict...

Overall, I'm left pleased and satisfied, even after the very first usage of Sunmay VSkin. Even a simple face massage can be beneficial for the skin! It increases blood flow, reduces puffiness improves skin tone and texture. The warmth from light helped my moisturizer to absorb deeper into the skin. The next day, I woke up with baby-soft skin. 

Of course, to achieve visible results such as a reduction in fine lines or acne, it is necessary to use a device for facial massage regularly for several weeks or even months. I don't have acne, but fine lines around my mouth and wrinkles under the eyes could be improved! I'll keep you updated on these issues.

This was my first time using light therapy on my skin. I've already heard about the benefits of blue skin for acne. My sister suffers from blemishes and frequently uses a blue light LED mask in her skincare routine. So, when Sunmay reached me to try this at-home facelift device, I was very excited to dive a little deeper and learn more about the technology. If you also like to experiment or look for an affordable and convenient at-home skin care treatment, I can recommend it to you.

Lots of love,