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After almost ten years of continuous blogging, there are several blog-related things to which I cannot seem to find the right approach. For instance, I still struggle with content planning, keyword research, and blogging breaks. Every time I go on vacation, I fight with an internal feeling of guilt. Taking a vacation is a great way to relax, recharge and come back to the blogging routine with renewed energy. But there is something that always holds me back from it.

One of my blogging resolutions this year was to set up a productive content strategy. A plan that will allow me to take a break without feeling guilty. However, when you're a blogger or run an online business, it can be hard to disconnect entirely while you're away. I don't believe that it is something you necessarily have to do.

There is a way to keep your blog and social media updated while resting somewhere on a beach with a yummy cocktail. All you need to do is pre-plan, set up, and schedule your online presence beforehand. This year I have a plan, and in today's post, I will share it with you! Here are five important things you can do with your blog and social media pages when you are on vacation.

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#1. Use Your Vacation to Create Content

When you’re taking a long vacation, you can still use this time to create fresh content for your blog and social media. Take pictures, videos, and notes while you’re away, and use them to create new content when you return. This will give your followers a glimpse into your vacation and will keep your blog and social media channels up-to-date and engaging.

There is only so much content you can shoot in one place, so choosing a holiday that includes multi-locations is a great way to maximize the number of images and videos you can shoot. You could either plan the route yourself or book a prearranged holiday. For example, Italy tours could be a fantastic option, as they offer the chance to explore different landscapes, providing the perfect opportunity to get a variety of shots whilst also getting to experience the culture.

#2. Keep Looking For Inspiration

Just because you are on vacation doesn't mean you should stop looking for new sources of inspiration. Keep your eyes wide open for interesting places and experiences that could be turned into blogs and social media posts. Try to step out of your comfort zone, as these experiences can often lead to new ideas. 

If you don't know where to start, go back to your favorite platforms like Pinterest Instagram, and TikTok. Take a look at the location tags of wherever it is you’re going to get some ideas for the specific locations you should visit to get good pictures. This could be anything from scenic beaches to quirky coffee shops. Local thrift shops and boutique hotels can't be ignored, especially if you are a lifestyle or fashion blogger. Make a list that includes a variety of spots to make sure you don’t forget anything.

As well as locations, have a look at people whose images you admire, how are they shooting their content? Perhaps they always use a wide-angled lens, or maybe they always include a detailed outfit shot in their carousel of images. Whatever it is that you like about their content, try to incorporate this into your own style of shooting. If you are going to have someone else shooting for you, whether it be a friend, partner, or a local professional photographer, consider creating a mood board. This will help your team to understand the sort of shots you want for your blog.

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#3. Schedule Your Online Presence in Advance

For best or worse, while bloggers take breaks and enjoy their vacations, online life on social media doesn't stop. Google keeps indexing new content, Youtube keeps updating the feed and TikTok doesn't stagnate, waiting for the new short videos. Maintaining an active online presence is crucial for building and engaging with your audience. That's why it can be blood-curdling to take a long blogging vacation, as can lead to a loss of engagement and can harm your blog's growth. Thankfully, there are many ways you can plan your online presence in advance before you go on vacation.

  • Schedule Posts in Advance

One of the most important things you can do before you take a vacation is to schedule a few posts in advance. This will ensure that your blog and social media channels continue to be active even when you’re away. This doesn't necessarily have to be brand-new content! Before going on a vacation, you can look through your old blog post, update them, and share updated co

  • Set Up Automatic Responses

Another important thing you can do before leaving on vacation is set up automatic responses. This can be done on your blog, email, and another platform. This strategy will ensure your followers and readers that you'll be back soon. You can also use this as an opportunity to promote your blog, while you’re away.

  • Keep Engaging With Your Readers

Even though you’re on vacation, it’s important to continue to engage with your followers. Take the time to respond to comments, emails, and messages, and use your social media channels to keep your followers informed. This will help to build a strong relationship with your followers and maintain blog engagement while you're away.

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#4. Plan a Post-Vacation Strategy

If you thought that scheduling blog posts for vacation is enough, you are mistaken. The post-vacation blogging period can be just as challenging as planning an online presence while on vacation. A well-planned post-vacation strategy will ensure that you hit the ground running after the return. It will also make it easier for you to pick up where you left off.

The post-vacation strategy is somewhat similar to a pre-vacation blogging plan. You can schedule a few posts, and share your new experience and highlights from your recent journey. To keep your content optimized, write a few follow-up blog posts. For example, if you went on a food tour, you can also share a few of your favorite recipes.

#5. Don’t Forget to Relax & Enjoy

Finally, even though your trip may be multi-purpose, particularly if social media is your full-time job, it is still important to have fun. Try to dedicate as much time as it is possible to yourself, new experiences, and rest. Give yourself a full day or two without your phone and camera. You may never return to these places again, so don't miss our chance to enjoy the surroundings. It's completely fine to take a break from social media, even if you are a full-time blogger. 

Final Thoughts

Balancing a long-term vacation and blog management is not the easiest task. But, with thorough planning and some scheduling, you'll come up with an understanding that it is not as hard, as you thought. Having an opportunity to keep your work up-to-date is a huge privilege, not many can have. But, most importantly is to come to a realization that you can keep blogging on vacation, without feeling guilty. Moreover, you can use your vacation as blog content, refreshing and improving your work for the future.

Lots of love,