combat boots covered in flowers
Photo: Dakota Krupp

A new season is always a great excuse to upgrade your wardrobe. It is an even better excuse to update and reorganize your shoe closet! In today's post, we are going to take a look at some of this season's trendiest women's shoes and find out the best ways to style them. Are you ready to begin?

  • #1. Non-classical Boats

Today, one of the main trends in women's clothing and footwear is modern classics. We wear the same pumps, loafers, brogues, and oxfords, but in new variations. For example, designers offer us to choose classic boats decorated with massive chains, appliques, and bows. All of it adds uniqueness to the looks, even in a strict business outfit.

Opt for understated pumps crafted from genuine leather and adorned with a golden chain. These versatile shoes seamlessly complement a variety of ensembles. Elevate a pantsuit with these pumps for an instantly polished look. They also pair impeccably with essential feminine dresses, black jeans, basic jumpers, tailored skirts, and classic blouses.

woman wearing heeled loafers
Photo: Dellon Thomas

#2. Loafers with Heels

Let's continue the theme of modern classics and talk about another trend of women's shoes – loafers with heels. Elegant, strict, low-heeled loafers will transform even the simplest look from the "white top, black bottom" dress-code. Feel free to combine them not only with classic things but also with grunge jeans and feminine dresses. 

And pay attention to the fashionable reception of street style: wear loafers with textured socks. These laconic burgundy loafers made of natural embossed leather will be one of the best purchases this season. They look stylish with both laconic coats and rude leather oversized jackets.

  • #3. Oxfords and Loafers With Thick Soles

Other fashionable women's shoes of this season are loafers and oxfords with thick soles, which have already managed to win the love of the world's fashionistas. You can wear them with a tweed suit consisting of a mini skirt and a bomber flight jacket, wide jeans and a sweatshirt, and minimalistic dresses. If you want to "lighten" your shoes just a bit, wear nylon socks or socks with openwork decor. 

Loafers and oxfords on tractor soles are other fashionable versions of classic models, so feel free to take the trend into circulation! Another must-have of this section – massive black loafers. Choose models with a minimalistic design. If you want to play on the contrast, combine them with "doll" dresses or flowing trousers and semitransparent blouses.

woman's legs with rought boots
Photo: Monica Turlui

  • #4. Rough Shoes

Everyone's favorite rough lace-up shoes have again entered the list of trends in women's shoes of the season. This is a universal pair of shoes that can be easily combined with almost any clothing, whether it's an airy chiffon dress or leather trousers and a sweater. As for the colors, black, beige, and white shoes remain the most popular. 

We suggest wearing classic black lace-up boots with leather banana trousers and a turtleneck. Choose an oversized leather jacket, a long trench coat, and a coat of a relaxed cut and your look will be perfect. If you want a brighter image, combine rough shoes with a delicate floral dress. For every day, combine shoes with white jeans and a black puffer jacket – you will get a stylish monochrome look for walking.

  • #5. Platform Shoes

In the collections of this season, designers paid special attention to women's platform shoes. Don't be afraid of her, as it is very comfortable. Pay attention to the spectacular high-platform shoes with block heels like Demonia boots. Spectacular ankle boots on a contrasting platform can be worn with short dresses of a loose cut or romantic midi made of chiffon. You will get a fashionable contrasting look that will be suitable both for a party and for an informal meeting. 

If you want to make an image in the style of the 70s, combine ankle boots with flared jeans or trousers, a silk blouse, and an oversized leather jacket with lowered shoulders.

chelsea boots on woman's legs
Photo: Laura Chouette

  • #6. Chelsea Boots

Chelsea boots fit almost any look. Both classic models and options with thick soles are relevant nowadays. They look organically with dresses, jeans, and classic trousers. Pay attention to models in black, brown, dark green, and burgundy colors. Chelsea on tractor soles is one of the main trends in women's shoes today. We suggest wearing them with black banana jeans and a basic jumper. As for outerwear, they will suit both leather and denim jackets, as well as classic and trench coats.

  • #7. Neutral Sneakers

An everyday, comfy pair of shoes is an all-time must-have shoe type everyone surely has! This season it's time to take a break from bright sneakers with neon inserts and accent details. Laconic models with a neutral design that do not attract attention are in fashion. 

The best option is white sneakers, as well as options in other basic shades. Our favorite is sneakers with a black insert on the back. They look great with pantsuits, as well as with long minimalist dresses and casual jeans. Retro-style sneakers are the hit of the season, offering a fashionable alternative to basic sneakers.

Final Thoughts...

No matter what your style, there's a shoe trend out there for you. And I believe it is finally a time to embrace the fusion of tradition and modernity, comfort and sophistication, and above all, let your feet tell a tale of confidence and empowerment. Happy footwear shopping!

Lots of love,