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Bomber and flight jackets date a long time back when they were just a piece of clothing used in the military by men. However, they are not just concise to men now as we can find women bomber jackets everywhere too. You can see that bomber jackets have made their way to the runway, red carpet, and even the streets as everyone loves designing outfits with the bomber jacket according to the occasion.

Bomber jackets already had a great hype in the start and it surely is continuous fashion as people want to wear bomber jackets on an everyday basis. On the other hand, women's leather jackets were a favorite of the ladies, so by combining the two, everyone loves wearing leather bomber jackets. These jackets do not seem to go out of fashion any time soon.

There surely is a great hype about the bomber and flight jackets but very few people are well aware of the history of these jackets and how they came into being. We are going to talk all about the history of these bomber and flight jackets and how women can style these jackets by giving them an everyday different look.

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How Did Bomber Jackets Come Into Being?

Bomber jackets came into being during World War I when the military people had to keep themselves warm in the open cockpit. Due to the open cockpit, men were exposed to the great cold and so that is why there was a need for warm durable jackets. People realized that at great heights pilots need to be insulated properly. Soon these insulated jackets were made to be part of the US Army uniform.

When World War II was going on another type of bomber jacket was introduced known as the B3. B3 was another better version of the bomber jacket as it had more advancements made concerning aerospace technology. As pilots had to fly high so they needed warmer clothing and that is how the flight jacket came into being.

Bomber jackets were made as a uniform for the military but soon civilians adopted these jackets and added them to their closets. The MA1 was 1 of the most popular flight jackets, which was made out of nylon. They were so popular that they crossed many civilizations and borders and people adopted them in no time.

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The most popular bomber jacket designs were the iconic MA1 and A2. Here are a few details about these two jacket types:

  • A2 Bomber Jackets

A2 bomber jackets are usually made out of goatskin leather or horsehide leather. This bomber jacket was designed in the 1930s. Such jackets are known to have heavy-duty cuffs fasteners, high collars, knit waists, zipper closure, and wind flaps. By this time closed cockpits were introduced for the pilots but still, the bomber jackets had elastic waists and cuffs to keep the pilots warm from cold temperatures. One of the noticeable factors about A2 bomber jackets Is the change in design that contributed to the stylish appearance.

  • MA1 Bomber Jackets

MA1 bomber jackets were known as the upgrade of the B15 flight jackets. The elastic collars replaced the fur collars as the fur was not needed for warmth anymore. For the parachute harness elastic knit collars suited perfectly. At the time nylon was the preferred fabric as it was easy to clean, was economical and the pilot was kept dry and warm because of it. There was a color variance in the MA1 bomber jacket with relation to the US Air Force standard as the navy blue color. These flight jackets were also designed in camouflage green during the Vietnam and Korean war.

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How to Style Your Bomber and Flight Jacket?

Bomber and flight jackets have taken turns and are extremely popular amongst people and so people love wearing them daily. Further in this blog, we are going to tell you how you can style your bomber and flight jackets differently every day.

  • The Semi-Formal Look

Dressing in the same old way for the office can be extremely boring. You should get up excited as you have something to look forward to. Dressing well for work is a refreshing thought too. While dressing up go for high-waisted pants and a button-down light-colored shirt, tuck it in your pants. Top up your look and let your hair down in waves or tie them up in a bun. This complete outfit won't look extra but will surely enhance your clothing and will be the perfect business casual outfit.

  • The Casual Party Look

Sweatpants are not just for going on a walk as the style has changed and so the user has also been altered. To create a casual yet attractive and sparky look we know what you should do. Pick your favorite sweatpants and a dark-colored crop top of your choice and slide over a sequined bomber jacket over your clothes. Go for sneakers to complete your look. If you are hanging out with friends it is surely going to be the perfect look. Let your hair down, add curls, wear red lip color and that is all. Carry a single colored tote bag with you and you are ready for the party.

  • Runway Ready Look

Wear the flight jacket in a way that you are ready to be on the runway. Flight jackets are not just casual clothing items as they look much more than that. Go for a collared white shirt and pair it with a long skirt with a different cut. Wear your patterned flight jacket over it and zip it up completely. Wear some statement earrings to add a spark and go for a clutch or a bag that enhances your look. If you wear stilettos, they are going to be the perfect fit for a cohesive look. Gel back your hair air and get smokey eye makeup done and you are ready for the runway


This was all about the bomber and flight jackets. Now you know how the flight and bomber jackets came into being and how they got to your wardrobe. Pick different outfits with your jackets so that the jacket gives a different look every time you wear it.

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