close-up of a jimmy choo floral bottle of perfume

For fragrance enthusiasts and scent seekers, it can take years and years of trial and error to stumble upon that one, your very own signature scent that feels like an extension of the soul. The journey may have taken years, but the destination is fun, that's for sure! Sniffing, deciphering the aromatic symphony, testing, and discovering more about your favorite notes in perfume's composition is a very interesting task.

However, this eternal quest for the perfect perfume seems to be reaching its crescendo for me. I believe I have finally discovered something that fits my style and mood. I even believe that Jimmy Choo Floral might be the one! Want to hear my thoughts on this turbulent, yet very feminine and dainty eau de toilette?

close-up of a jimmy choo floral bottle of perfume

About the Floral by Jimmy Choo

Launched in 2019, Jimmy Choo Floral is a sophisticated fragrance inspired by the ever-blooming beauty of the magnolia blossom. It's the epitome of floral, fruity, and musky notes, making it perfect for a variety of occasions, styles, and moods.

Louise Turner is the wonderful perfumer, who composed the scent. She is known for her unique and modern fragrance creations. She has worked with major brands like Dior, Burberry, and Calvin Klein, and her scents have won numerous awards. For Jimmy Choo Floral, Turner was inspired by the "beauty of the magnolia blossom." She aimed to create a fragrance that was both fresh and sensual, capturing the essence of a confident and modern woman. 

  • Packaging and Design

The Floral's bottle design is an eye-catcher in itself. Inspired by precious Murano glass, the slender cocoon-shaped bottle is dressed in a subtle pale green lacquer, and embellished with an art-nouveau pattern. I wish there was a refill for this elegant beauty because I would love to keep it on my shelf.

The cardboard packaging features a minty-green snakeskin print and contrasting pink Magnolia flower. While the bottle design isn't my usual preference, I appreciate its bold statement and how it captures attention in a crowded perfume store. My taste tends towards intricate glass shapes for their inner beauty, but Jimmy Choo has definitely created a piece that stands out. 

You may also spot a soft-pink version of this perfume, that captures a slightly different composition: delicious hibiscus flowers with a soft blend of fruity notes partnered with and woody depth to the scent.

close-up of a jimmy choo floral bottle of perfume

  • Composition & Notes

Now, let's talk top, heart, and base notes of Floral EDT by Jimmy Choo. The top notes are a beautiful, yet turbulent blend of zesty Bergamot Oil, that tickles the nose, honeyed and powerful Nectarine, and, finally a bittersweet Mandarin Oil. These powerful top notes sway all the senses, leaving you slightly confused and drunk with the citrusy sweetness. 

Of course, Bergamot Oil is the most mighty of the three, and I love it! You may even find it similar to the Hot Couture perfume by Givenchy. But, I love it in the Floral so much more!

The heart of the Floral opens up with a sweet and sparkling Magnolia Flower Oil. It is a perfect balance between my favorite two fragrances: tickly citrus and shawling sweet. Then goes a feminine classic with its dewy veil – a Sweet Pea. And to top it all there is a dash of Apricot Flower to the heart note. A mix between kernel's bitterness and fruity sweetness.

And finally, to the base notes of Jimmy Joo's Floral fragrance! The composition stays on your skin as a warm and creamy Ambroxan ( an elusive synthetic note), the hypnotic and powerful Musk, and the Blond Wood. Final notes form the strong base for the composition, adding depth and sensuality to the fragrance.

close-up of a jimmy choo floral bottle of perfume

Final Thoughts...

I'd never tried any of Jimmy Choo's fragrances before my recent visit to the perfume stand. I was searching for an overwhelming powder scent, with a long-lasting staying power and vintage composting. In the end, I ended up choosing this turbulent and daily fragrance with a refreshing aftertaste, and I couldn't be happier with my choice! 

Of course, eu de toilette fades away faster than perfume, but a few hours of crisp and young fragrance works for me just great. I use only a few sprays of this fragrance and get the best of this feminine composition. Next time, I'll definitely choose another elegant bottle by Jimmy Choo.