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Cold Winter Night Makeup look

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Sunday, December 29, 2013
smoky eye step by step tutorial

Goo day, ladies! Winter is one of the most beautiful times of a year. As I have moved in a place where winter doesen't exist I started to miss cold weather and snow. So I decided to create a beautiful winter makeup look, but I walked away from usual winter colours - silver and blue. I got my inspiration from the colours of winter sky. So here are some steps I followed to create this look:
smoky eye step by step tutorial

1. Prime your eyes with face powder. To create this winter makeup we will need to blend a lot. Put some white eye pencil on the inner corner of the eye, blend with your finger.
2. Put a very light tea green colour on the top;
3. On the middle of the eye lid put violet - purple colour;
4. After goes the darkest shade - black. Put it on the outer corner of your eye, creating a beautiful wing shape. Line the outer half of the bottom lashline;
5. Next step is blending. Using fluffy blending brush mix the transtitions between colours. Line your eyes with black eye pencil and put black eyeshadows on the top, to make the look more smokey. Don't forget about the water line.
6. Use the same tea green colour for hightlights. Pn the inner corner of the bottom lashline put some light purple eye pencil with glitter. Finish with mascara.

That's all for my winter makeup look. I hope you liked :) If you are interested in more makeup tutorials for winter don't be shy leave a comment for me. I will definitely create winter makeups for you. Thanks to be with me girls. I'll talkl to you soon, bye bye <3

Cute Liquid Eyeliner by Yanqina / Review & Swatches

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Thursday, December 26, 2013
korean cosmetics review
korean cosmetics review, cute panda
korean cosmetics review, cute panda

Hi cupcakes! How are you doing? I hope your Christmas Eve was amazing and you had a lot of fun with your families and friends. So today I`m going to tell you about my recent love - little cute panda liquid eyeliner by Yanqina. You know how I`m obsessed with a cute packaging (every girls is) and what can be better than this sweet panda snout?
So this amazing eyeliner also came somewhere from Asia and, girls, it is so amazing! Everything that I demand from eyeliner is a good pigmentation, smooth application and fast drying. Yanqina eyeliner absolutely satisfies me in every point. More than that it is very easy to remove and stays for a long time without fading. And for those girls who use eyeliner very frequent and it dries out or become thick very fast eyeliner by Yanqina has a small ball inside. So now you just need to shake it well before usage and eyeliner will become fresh again.
Yanqina eyeliner comes in different design so everyone can add some cuteness in the makeup bag. I hope you liked my little review. If so become my follower and leave a comment down below with you opinion. I`ll see you very soon, girls. Wish you an amazing day and holidays :3

New Year`s Eve Makeup

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Monday, December 23, 2013
christmas makeup tutorial 2014

Hi, dears! To tell the truth I spent so many time creating a makeup look for New Year. I did more than three different makeup tutorials for you, girls, but any of them was good enough for New Year`s eve. I decided to take a look on google and discovered that a New 2014 Year will be a year of blue or green horse. So a new idea for a makeup tutorial easily arrived in my mind. For these makeup I used very light but so glamorous silver and emerald shades. I hope you will like this tutorial and maybe someone from you will even use my idea for New Year`s Eve.

christmas makeup tutorial 2014

1. Prime your eyes and put white eye pencil and blend it with your finger. It will be a base for our silver eye shadow ;
2. Dab silver eye shadow on the top of our pencil ;
3. Put emerald green eye shadow on the crease and blend out ;
4. Next step is to line the eyes and high light the brow bone with light shimmering eye shadow ;
5. On the bottom lash line and water put a darker green eye shadows. Then add some white pencil on the water line and inner corner of your eye. Don`t forget about mascara or maybe false lashes.

So that`s all, cuties. Please let me know in commentaries if you likes this makeup look. Is it suitable for New Year? Thanks to be with me. See you very soon <3

Blogger Plans & Goals for New 2014 Year

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Tuesday, December 17, 2013
inspiration, quote, goal, wish

Hi lovelies! How are you?
Few days ago I saw a quote on facebook that the goal without a plan is just a wish. This quote set deeply in my mind and made me think a lot. So I decided to write down all my thoughts and plan growth of my blog for the next 2014 year. But the biggest goal for me is to fight my laziness. Laziness is my biggest defect, which I hope to overcome in the next year.

And here are my goals for the next year:

Reach 1000 followers via GFC - this goal sounds almost impossible for me. For now I have 173 followers on my little blog, but I sincerely believe that my lovely followers will help me to reach this huge number.

Reach 1000 followers on Blogloving - this number will be also hard to reach, coz it also grows very slowly.

Reach 1000 and more followers on Twitter - number of my followers on Twitter raises faster than on other platforms, so I hope to have even more people there.

Use my Blog Planner to observe the growth of my blog and to remember the duties - it is a super cute printable planner that you can get if you follow this link. Just sign up for the newsletter and you can also download it.

liz breygel, beauty angel

Follow blogging schedule - I`m not really sure what days of the week I should do posts. It will be or Monday, Wednesday, Friday, or Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday. 

Spend at least 1 hour per day in social media engagement - I love all my blogger friends and I want to spend more time talking, commenting and visiting their blogs.  

Take a part in collaborations and competitions - it is a big pleasure for me to be a part of smth special, something bigger. Plus this will increase my blog views and attract new followers:)

Create a rubric 'Makeup Monday' - makeup tutorials is one of my favourite things to share with you, girls and I pretend to post them for you each week. What do you think? 

Do my first giveaway! - I`m thinking about this point for such a long time. In the new year I promise to do my first giveaway. It will be international so all my beauties can participate.

Improve my writing and photographing skills - I want to provide my readers with a qualitative articles and I`ll do everything to do my best.

Girls how do you think will I reach all my goals? Napoleon`s plans or impossible is nothing? Please let me know what you think. And if you are also blogger you should set your own goals and write them down. It will help you so much and will make blogging more interesting. I wish you an amazing week and I`ll talk to you soon. Bye, bye <3

The Christmas Tag

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Saturday, December 14, 2013
beauty blog, liz breygel, liza breygel

First time I saw this tag on the blog by Naomi. Nobody tagged me personally but I wanted to answer all these question so much:) So here are my answers for the Christmas tag.

Do you prefer a real tree or synthetic?

I prefer synthetic tree, because I`m against cutting trees for our pleasure. Synthetic trees nowadays are very beautiful!

You’re in a coffee shop, it is December what do you pick?

Just something sweet and with lots of milk:)

What is your favourite colour scheme to decorate the tree?

Each year I tell to myself that my Christmas tree will be very classy and all the toys will be the same colour. But when I start to decorate it I can`t just choose one colour, I need to put everything on my tree.

Giving or receiving?

I love both. Few years ago I would say receiving, but today I finally understand how it`s cool to give presents and make people around me happy.

To mince pie or not to?

I love pies, never tried these one but will search a recipe

What is your traditional Christmas dinner?

As I`m not from US I have totally different traditions. Orthodox Christmas is on 6th of January and traditionally we go to our relatives and sharing the food with each other. We don`t eat turkey but we have a tradition to have 12 dishes on the table. It represents the twelve Apostles.

Christmas Day fashion?

It depends on my mood. Just smth beautiful and comfortable:)

Favourite Christmas song?

Sure Carol of the Bells:)

Favourite Christmas film?

Love Home Alone. It`s a movie of my childhood. Always gives me a pleasant memories.

Presents before or after lunch?

During the lunch or instead of the lunch! Give me my presents:)

Thanks for reading me dears. These questions gave me a Christmas mood :) I hope to you too. I tag everyone who read this and wish you to have a good weekend! Kisses.

They`re Real Mascara by Benefit / Review

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Thursday, December 12, 2013
benefit mascara swatches
benefit mascara
benefit mascara brush
benefit mascara

Good morning, girls! I`ve read many different reviews about They`re Real by Benefit. Some say it is their all time favourite mascara and some people complain. I always wanted to try how it actually works, to create my own opinion.

They`re Real mascara comes in a very cute glossy tube stylized under the sixties. As I understand almost all Benefit`s cosmetics comes in a very stylish vintage packaging. Firstly when I saw the brush I was not sure that it can create volume on my lashes, but I was wrong. This brush not just perfectly separates my lashes but also gives them length and volume. On the tip of the wand Benefit`s mascara has a magic spiked bomb, which was created to work with the tiny lashes on the inner corner of the eyes.

Process of application was kind messy, but I`m sure that it is because mascara is too fresh yet. As it was mentioned on the packaging They`re Real mascara is buildable - you can apply as many layers as you want. I applied about three layers and my lashes were still beautiful and well separated. One more very important feature of They`re Real is that this mascara really holds the curve. I have a very bad lashes and usually even good mascaras don`t look nice on them. So I was very impressed how this mascara worked on my poor lashes.

They`re Real Mascara lasts eternity! It really does. I know that it`s very bad for my skin and lashes but I fell asleep and haven`t removed mascara. When I woke my lashes were exactly the same as when I applied They`re Real. Serious, no joke. Any fall outs, any mess just a perfectly separated fresh lashes with beautiful curve.

So what can I say. They`re Real Mascara by Benefit is the best variant for those, who likes a natural looking lashes. When Benefit gave a name for this mascara they meant that your lashes will look real and natural. I`m very glad that I purchased it. I don`t regret at all. For all of you, who are not sure that They`re Real will work Benefit has a travel size. See you soon, ladies. Let me know if you tried it also.

My Skin Care Routine / Updated

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Monday, December 09, 2013
facial care for women, faberlic young care
facial care for women, faberlic young care
facial care for women, faberlic young care
facial care for women, faberlic young care

Hi dears! Some months ago I already did a post about my current skin care routine, but a lot has changed from that time. Some products dissapointed me, some I stopped to like. All products that I was using were from different companies and they didn`t match with each other, and we know how important is when all cosmetics is from one line. 
After I tried few products by Faberlic from their Young Face Care line I literally fell in love in them:) So I decided to purchase all products from this line for my skin care routine. Girls, it is hard to describe how I adore them! Now I don`t imagine my life without these products. I like totally everything, starting by the price and ending with the gorgeous design. Here I describe all the steps of my skin care routine and all products which I like to use.

1. Faberlic Young Crystal Make-Up Remover

I never tried a better makeup remover than a Crystal Make-Up Remover by Faberlic. Before I used L`oreal Skin Perfection Milk, but it was so heavy an oily. It was also iritating my eyes very much. But Faberlic Remover has a very very light formula, looks just like a water. It doesen`t irritate my eyes and removes the makeup perfectly. And sure no oily or sticky feeling after usage. The best makeup remover I tried for now.

2. Faberlic Young Care Deep Cleansing Scrub Mask

This products, actually is 2 in 1, because you can use it as a cleansing scrub or as a facial mask,  depends what results you want to achieve. I use it daily to wash my face, but it is also nice as mattifying face mask. This product is very very gentle. Exfoliating granules are very tiny, they are almost polishing the skin. And it becomes so soft and fresh after this Scrub - Mask. Amazing addition to anyone`s skin care routine.

3. Faberlic Young Delicate Face Toner

Thanks to this amazing Face Toner I forgot what is oily skin. I`m using it before to put my foundation. It cleans face skin from extra oiliness and mattifies it. Many toners after usage leave a sticky feeling on the skin, but Faberlic Delicate Face Toner dries out immediately without any wet or sticky feelings.

4. Faberlic Young Care Moisturizing Face Cream

So after I scrubbed my face I moisturaze it with Moisturazing Face Cream also by Faberlic. Formula of this cream is very very light and it absorbs in one second. It doesen`t leave oily feeling on my face and doesen`t clump my pores. It is everything I demand from daily facial cream. 

5. Eye to Eye Sugar Scrub for Lips

And the last, but definitely not least product in my skin care routine is lips` Sugar Scrub from Eye to Eye line also by Faberlic. At first I didn`t like this sugar scrub at all. I think it is because I used it incorrectly. The main ingridients are vaseline and sugar, so you need just to put a small quantity of the scrub on your lips, gently rub them and take off the excess with tissue. Lips after this scrub are so gentle and moisturized! And effect lasts for a long time. Eye to Eye scrub smells like a caramel, not that fake flavor enhancer, but a real caramel, that you do at home. So amazing!

My skin is not problematic -  I don`t have acne, dark circles under my eyes and my skin is not oily. So my skin care routine is quite simple and doesen`t change at night. Once per one or two weeks I pumper my skin with some nourishing homemade masks, you can follow this link to learn some of my favourite recipes. I choose the mask depending on my skin condition or my mood:) 

I hope my post was interesting and useful for you. If you liked my blog please stay with me. I have so many interesting makeup tutorials, review and hauls for you, ladies. All necessary link you can find below. Also don`t forget to tell me your opinion in commentaries. I`ll talk to you in my next blog post very soon. Bye xxx

P. S. It was not a sponsored post, all products I purchased by myself.

Holiday Glam 2013 Collaboration

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Thursday, December 05, 2013
Christmas makeup tutorial
Hi, cuties. Today`s post will be my first collaboration with few other amazing beauties. Christmas for me is a holiday with lots of glitter, lights and tinsels, so I decided to try a very bright burgundy - goldish makeup with lightly smoky effect. But, as usual, you can change the shades and variate colour as you prefer. So let`s start.
christmas makeup tutorial, golden makeup

As usual, we start from priming our eyes to make our makeup last forever and look amazing.
1. Then we will lightly apply black eye pencil on the outer half of the lid. It will intensify the colour of the burgundy eye shadows;
2. Smudge the pencil with the brush;
3. Start to put burgundy eyeshadow on the top of the smudged pencil;
4. On the inner half of the lid apply wet golden pigments;
5. To blend colours on the crease orange shimmer and mix every transition;
6. And the last few steps. Highlight your brow bone with peachy eye shadow, create a beautiful dramatic line with liquid eye liner, line your water line and finish with mascara. To add more drama you can use false lashes.
christmas makeup tutorial, golden makeup

List of the products I`ve used
For eyes:
• Pro palette 120 colors #3
• Pigment by Essence in 'smell the caramel'
• NYX Eyeshadow Base in Skin Tone
• Color Trend liquid eyeliner
• Volum' Express The Colossal Smoky Eyes mascara
• Eye Kohl eye pencil in 'Smolder' by Mac
• Avon Perfect Eyebrow Pencil

For face:
• Ever Lasting Foundation by Oriflame
• Luminys Baked Face Powder by Pupa
• Camouflage Creame Concealer Palette by Fräulein3°8
• Essence XXXL Shine lip gloss in 'Big Night Out'
• Sun Club shimmer bronzing powder by Essence in 'sunkissed'
• Color Trend Blush in 'Cheeky'
christmas makeup tutorial, golden makeup
I hope you liked my tutorial and some of you will try this makeup on Christmas Eve. Please take a time and check makeups of other beauties from Holiday Glam Collaboration. Girls were trying hard to create interesting posts for you: 

Jackie from Five Two Certified
Shalunya from Shalunya and Boyet
Lily from Beauty with Lily
Lizzie from My Pretty Obsession
Betti from Makeup`Asulym
Britnee Kao from A Beauty Product A Day
Maary Austin from My Beauty Rules

Monthly Favourites / November

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Tuesday, December 03, 2013
beauty haul, beauty products
beauty haul beauty products
beauty haul, beauty products
beauty haul, beauty products

Hi, my dears! Do you believe that November is finished already? It was not the most amazing time of my year and I`m actually ready that it has pass. But it is always pleasant to think that you can start everything from the beginning in the new month. And here are a small among of products that I was loving during the past month. For some of them I did a review already so you can follow the links to learn more about these products. So here are my November favourites.

Body Mousse Organic Vanilla & Orchid by Organic Shop 

The first products I`ve been loving this October is Body Mousse by Organic Shop. I have bought this mousse few months ago and even did a review, but started to use it just now. Girls, you need to feel how pleasant is the scent of this product! It is sooo tasty. I want to put it on my skin again and again. Mousse has a very light formula so it absorbs immediately. It is my must have for the cold time of  year.

Maybelline Color Sensational in # 836 Sweet Pearl

I didn`t really like this lipstick at first. Especially because of the pearly glitter it makes my lips dry. But after I found a solution - moisturazing my lips with balm before wear lipstick - I can`t stop using it. I really like how it looks on my lips and really like the shade. These little micronized pearls not just makes your lips shiny but helps lipstick to last longer, almost forever :) Follow the link to see my review and swatch.

Beauty Wonder Oil Swedish Spa by Oriflame

I purchased this oil some months ago and finally decided to include it in my November  favourites post. And the reason why I decided to do this is coz for many of you this time of a year is very cold. We all know how it`s important to keep out skin moisturized during the cold seasons. I`m a huge fan of tasty smells, that`s why I picked body and hair oil from Swedish Spa line by Oriflame. Girls, you definitely need to try it! It is a miracle in a bottle.This oil has a smell of ginger and spices - best smell for winter time. Actually for me it smells like a Christmas :) Smell stays in the skin for a long time and skin feels so soft and moisturized after. I didn`t try this oil for my hair yet, but if I do I`ll write a more detail post later.

Eye to Eye Sugar Scrub for lips by Faberlic

One more products in my favourites which I didn`t like at first:) But after few tries this Eye to Eye Sugar Scrub became a part of my skin care routine. I love it so much and I`m almost sure that it was made totally from natural ingridients. It is very gentle. I even think it should be more rough for me. But this sugar scrub is the best variant for sensative skin.  Stay with me for a detail review :3

Eye to Eye Eye Pencil by Faberlic

And finally the last product from my November Favourites list is an eye pencil by Oriflame. Very simple purple shade with lots of glitter - nothing can be better for holidays :) It goes in a regular pencil package which is the pest option for me. I like to keep my pencils sharp. I already used it to create my Clear Amethyst makeup and I`m going to use it for my New Year  look also.

That was all my November favourites, I hope you found my post interesting. Please let me know if you liked in comments. I wish you to spend your holidays amazingly with your closest friends and relatives. What have you been loving past month?