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Spring Beauty Wishlist

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Friday, February 28, 2014
Spring Beauty Wishlist

Hi cupcakes! Are you ready for the most refreshing and tender time of a year - spring! Spring is the time of new beginings and  new changes in our life. And also would be very nice to refresh our wardrobe and makeup bags. I never did this kind of posts before but I had so much fun creating this wishlist, hope you'll enjoy this too. I add links for products so you can easily find extra information if you need.

1. I guess I'm kind late with this beauty, but better late than never :) I saw so many beauty reviews for Lolli Tint by Benefit and became very curious to try. Many girls said that it is very amazing - pigmented and creamy. Never tried cheek stains but almost sure I will like this one. Who know if I can also use this for my lips?

2. Second product, actually products in my wishlist is nail polish set from new spring 2014 collection by Essie called Hide & Go Chic. Even though not all shades are perfect for spring time (as I think) I really really like this colour combination. What you think? They have few more sets with a cute names so I guess everyone will  find set for their taste.

3. I think next item doesen't need extra commentaries. Mac Kabuki brush № 182 is a must have in every makeup bag. I hate my kabuki brush by Avon and I don't like to use my powder brushes, because they are very scratchy. Kabuki by Mac is very very soft and I  heard it comes in a cute personal case :)

4. My current face powder is almost finished and I always wanted to try this translucent powder by Bourjois.  Formula of this powder includes rose petals and I heard that skin feels very smooth, almost velvet after using it. I always loved Bourjois products and sure that I'll adore their translucent powder too. I'm sorry girls but I didn't find a link for you.

5. And the last but defenitely not least product in my Spring Beauty Wishlist is Lush bubblegum lip scrub. I have an awesome and cheaper sugar scrub by Faberlic but always wanted to try this one from Lush. It has an awesome smell and you can simply lick it off your lips after you finish polishing them. Sound fun :3

So cuties, it was a short list of beauty products that I'm currently wanting. I really really hope that I can own these babies till the end of the spring. And what is your current beauty wishlist? Did you tried these products? If so please tell me your opinion in comments, I will wait :) Talk to you soon sweets!

With love,

Face Five Challenge Tag

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Wednesday, February 26, 2014
no makeup makeup look tutorial

Hi ladies! I'm very sorry to take so much time to create this Face Five Challenge Makeup Look. It was so much fun to create this and I hope you will also enjoy!

Here are the rules of this challenge:

1. Use Five Products to Create a Complete Make-Up look
2. Each different Product Counts as 1 Product
3. No Palettes Allowed ( no Trios, Quads, Or Multi- Shade Palettes)
4. Tag Five others

I was not the most creative person so I just went for an easy and fresh no makeup makeup look. If you are in hurry or simply want to look natural, you can always use these tricks to underline your pros.

So I lined my upper waterline with black pencil and added a little bit along my lash line. Then I smudged pencil to make it less harsh and more natural looking. I filled my eyebrows with brow pencil, curled my lashes and used mascara for upper and bottom lashes. I was need to neglect foundation and use just a face powder to make skin matte. And in the end I put some moisturazing neautral beige lipstick.

I'm totally sure that everyone will look amazing with this makeup and nobody will even perceive that you actually use it. Hope it was useful girls, I'll see you soon <3

No Makeup Makeup  tutorial

Products I used:
Mac Eye Kohl in `Smolder`
Artdeco All In One Mascara
Faberlic Brow Pencil
Pupa Luminys Baked Powder
Essence Lipstick # 52 `In the nude`

These cuties also take a part in Face Five Challenge so don't forget to take a look:
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And I want to tag these ladies:

Bright Ombré Lips Tutorial

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Tuesday, February 25, 2014
gradient lips tutorial doll lips tutorial

Hi cuties :) I know that everyone is very tired from winter already so today I propose you to create a beautiful ombre lips for your spring makeup look. I saw this idea on pinterest and wanted to recreate this look so much! I simply love how original and tender ombre lips look. I hope you will also like it. Enjoy :)

step by step doll makeup tutorial

1. The first thing we need to do is to prime our lips. I'm using my face powder to create a good base and to prepare lips' skin for the pencil;
2. On the middle of the bottom and upper lips put a white pencil;
3. Fill the rest parts of the lips with bright pink lip liner;
4. Use your finger to smudge colours and create a very soft gradient transitions between white and pink  colours;
5. Finish with a clear lip gloss and your ombre lips are done :)

That's all, please let me know if this ombre lips tutorial was useful to you. If you enjoyed this look you can also check my Porcelain Doll Lips tutorial. Don't forget to follow my blog for much more. Wish you all a warm spring mood and fresh new starts! Kisses <3

Oriflame Wonder Balm / Review & Swatches

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Sunday, February 23, 2014
lip balm by oriflame review
lip balm oriflame
lip balm by oriflame

Hi girls, how are you? I know that for most of beauties winter winter is on it's end. Many of you are tired of winter products and al this moisturazing routine. February is the last official winter month, but March and April could be cold as well and we should not forget about  protection for our tender facial and lip skin. 

I received a package from my mom with different beauty products (mom knows how to please me) and between them I found this Wonder lip  balm by Oriflame. As I moved to Brazil I don't have an easy access to Oriflame products so I was very happy to receive this from my mom. This Wonder Balm comes totally in the same packaging as a Beauty Wonder lipstick by Oriflame but in a very pale rosy colour. Wonder balm has a smell of sweet cherry, like most lip balms of this kind. I don't really like this smell, it is not very bad, just not my favourite.

Formula of Oriflame Wonder balm includes vitamins A , E and Aloe vera extract, which cares and feeds on the skin. Colour is very pale, almost white with many frosty sparkles. On my lips looks almost transparent, but I think, depending on the skin shade and type, it can look like a white scurf, which is not cool. I would wear Wonder balm just under lip stick or pigmented lip gloss, I don't like how it looks alone. Here is a link to official Oriflame website with the description of  Wonder Balm.

Overall I can say that I really like caring formula of this balm, but I'm not a fan of it's colour  and smell. But maybe I'm just too hard with this product? What you think girls? Did you try Oriflame Wonder Balm? Please let me know your opinion. I wish you a warm spring and amazing weekend <3 Bye, bye!

Lots of love,

Handmade Natural looking Eyelashes / Review

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Thursday, February 20, 2014
false eyelashes makeup tutorial
asian beauty products false lashes
asian beauty products false lashes review
pink makeup tutorial asian beauty products review

Hi girls! I cannot say that I'm a big fan of false eyelashes. And it is not because I don't like how they look, I just have some problem to wear them correctly. But recently I purchase an awesome set of natural looking flse eyelashes and I'm so excited to share with you! When I was choosing them for me I was quided by the rule - ´mine but better´, which means my eyelashes, but more dense and long.

This set comes with 10 pairs of very soft and light hand made lashes on invisible base. It is a great benefit - transparent base makes them look even more natural and you can wear them even without eyeliner. It makes false lashes suitable for daily makeups. Eyelashes made of synthetic material, includes longer and shortet bruises which crossed between each other, to make them look more dense and voluminous. I was using these handmade false lashes to create my Valentine's Day makeup look, i just cut them a little from the sides to match my eye.

They are very comfortable in wear - once you apply them and get used, you don't feel them more on your eyes. I would strongly recommend them for everyone who are earching for natural looking and easy to wear lashes. And here are few sites where you can buy them amazon , ebay and buyincoins. You can also find them on any asian beauty store. 

Sally Hansen Xtreme Wear in Bamboo Shoot / Review & Swatches

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Monday, February 17, 2014
sally hansen nail lacquer review
sally hansen nail lacquer review
sally hansen nail lacquer review
nude nail nude nails sally hansen nail lacquer

Hi everyone! How is the things? I hope you're feeling great, because I have a new awesome product to introduce you - Sally Hansen Xtrem Wear nail polish. I'm always huntimg for a perfect nude shades for my nails. I simply adore how nude colours makes manicure look very classy and elegant. Nude is universal shade for nails, because it fits every clothes you'll wear. So everytime I go on the store my eyes are always searching nude lacquers on the shelves.

I already tried lacquers from Sally Hansen Xtreme Wear line so I was totally sure that it will work perfectly. The colour I own named ` 81 Bamboo Shoot ` - it is a beautiful warm beige colour with a pale rosy undertone. This shade looks perfect for the spring time, which will come very soon. I put the colour in two layers without top coat, but for better effect I would recommend to put three layers. 

The consistency of Sally Hansen nail polish is kind runny, so it was king hard to work with at first. But I'm almost sure that it was because the nail polish is too fresh yet. Bamboo Shoot has a thin brush, so it is very easy to reach corners of the nail plate. Dries out this product very fast, but you will need to wait more time if you have mny layers on.

Overall I really like this shade, but I always had a problems with a milky nail polishes. It is very hard to make them look perfect on nails. Do you also like nude colours? Please let me know what is your favourite nude nail polish, so I can try it in the future. Thanks for reading me cuties. See you soon. Bye, bye!

Lots of love

Jack Wills Lip Gloss Set / Review & Swatches

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Thursday, February 13, 2014
fabulously british lip gloss set review
fabulously british lip gloss set review
fabulously british lip gloss set review
fabulously british lip gloss set review
fabulously british lip gloss set review

Hi, ladies! I was very excited to show up this amazing lip gloss set by Jack Wills. I won these mini glosses in giveaway by amazing Sara from  Glamourtricks blog. Thank you dear <3 

Jack Wills Fabulously British lip gloss set includes 5 different mini tubes in shades - 'peach', 'powder pink', 'hot pink', 'copper' and 'pillar red'. Names of the glosses perfectly describe their shades. Volume of each gloss is 6, 3 ml. They come without the applicator - you need to squeeze them to receive product :)

All of these gorgeous babies has a very tasty cherry smell and a light to medium coverage. The formula of each gloss is also very similar, three of the glosses - 'peach', 'pillar red' and 'powder pink' are clear shades, without glitter or shimmer. 'Coper' lip gloss full of beautiful golden and silver glitters, very familiar to Bobi Brown 'Bronzed Heather' lip gloss. And the shade 'hot pink' also includes shimmering parts with slightly holographic effect. All five Jack Wills` glosses provide awesome glossy finish look. I really enjoy to use them.

As for the cons of these lip glosses by Jack Wills I have to admit that all of them are very sticky. So if you are going to walk with flowing hair during the windy weather it is better to choose another lip product. But overall I like this lip gloss set and I think it is a nice gift for birthday or holiday. Jack Wills also has a version for Christmas and many other sets for manicure and skin care. Let me know if you like them. I'll see you soon cuties!

Lots of love,
Liz <3

Valentine's Day Makeup Tutorial

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Monday, February 10, 2014
romantic makeup tutorial, makeup for a date, pink makeup

Hi sweeties! Are you ready for the upcoming Valentine's Day? I created an amazing an easy step by step tutorial for a Valentine's Day makeup. I hope someone will find it useful and will enjoy. Did you saw my Get Ready with Me post Valentine`s Day edition? Follow the link if you are interested <3

romantic makeup tutorial, makeup for a date, pink makeup

Let's start :

1. Apply primer and after put a raspberry eyeshadow on the lid;
2. Start to create a winged shape for your eye with a black eyeshadow;
3. Highlight the inner corner of the eye and brow bone, blend everything very well;
4. Draw a dramatic line using liquid eyeliner;
5. Put some raspberry eyeshadow on the bottom lash line and blend it well, u can also put a little on your waterline - don`t worry, it won`t irritate your eyes;
6. Finish with your mascara and fake lashes (optional).

That`s all girls! I wish everyone of you an amazing Valentine`s Day. And it is not important with whom you will spend this day - friends, kids, parents or your couple. The meaning of this day is just to remember that someone cares about you. Love and be loved, cuties :)

Kisses and hugs,
Liz ♥

Artdeco All In One Mascara / Review & Swatches

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Saturday, February 08, 2014
artdeco cosmetics review
artdeco makeup cosmetics review
artdeco cosmetics review

Hi cutipies! How are you today? Everyone who reads me knows that I have an awful problems with my lashes. Actually I have an abcenes of them :) So I always in search for a mascara that can give them volume and lenghth. Today I want to tell you about my latest find - All In One mascara by Artdeco. I have a sample size product, but will defenitely go to buy a full mascara.

First thing that I've noticed is that All In One mascara have an awesome brush. Exactly this kind of long and fluffy brushes give a good volume for lashes. If you have the same problems with lashes as me - a lack of density and volume, just go for a bigger brush and you'll perceive the result. And formula is simple increadible. I don't know what Artdeco put in their All In One mascara but just check out how awesome my lashes look now. They are so long and curly!

I never tried anything by Artdeco brand, it was my first meeting and I really really enjoyed the results. Did you ever try something from this company? Can you suggest me to what products are the best to purchase? Please let me know cuties, I'm very excited to try smth more! And please let me know what you think about All In One Mascara if you also tried it. I wish everyone an amazing mood and long lush lashes.

Lots of love,

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Get Ready With Me ♥ Valentine's Day

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Thursday, February 06, 2014
valentine`s day makeup tutorial
Hi sweeties! So the day X will come very soon. I know usually people do a video tag Get Ready With Me, but I wanted to do something interesting and totally different from my usual post. I'm going to hang out with my love on Valentine`s Day and propose you to take a look at my full-dress rehearsal, before the date.
golden rose nail lacquer
golden rose nail lacquer

For my nails I`ll go for a totally nude look. I will use my Ciaté Nail Tonic Hydrator as a base for Golden Rose Nail Lacquer. It will prepare my nail plate and make it smooth for a nail polish. 

For my face I will go for a slightly pin - up look with a dramatic eyeliner and neutral eyeshadows. I`m using rosy shade for my lid and neutral dark beige for my crease. I left my bottom lashline clear. 
Valentine's Day makeup tutorial
Valentine's Day makeup tutorial beauty angel

Products I used :

Porefassional Primer by Benefit
Ever Lasting Foundation by Oriflame
Camo concealer palette
Pupa Luminous Baked Face Powder
Sun Club shimmer bronzing powder by Essence
Brightening Face Powder Dandelion by Benefit

Essence lipstick in shade 'all about cupcake'
Jack Wills Lip gloss in 'powder pink'

Nyx eyeshadow base
Eyebrow pencil by Faberlic
Pro palette 120 colors 3d edition
Color Trend liquid eyeliner
They`re Real Mascara by Benefit

I hope I mentioned everything :)

So here how I look before my makeover and after it. So glad that most of the times boys can see only our ´better side´ hehehe :) I know my makeup looks very simple, but I just want to have a light and fresh look. Later I'm going to post an alternative Valentine's Day makeup tutorial for those who likes something more interesting, don't miss it!
And how do you plan to spend Valentines day? Will you do something special with your beloveds? I wish everyone lots of love and romantic feelings, but not just today, during the whole year. Happy Valentine's Day, cupcakes, kisses !

Monthly Favourites / January

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Tuesday, February 04, 2014
avon haul liz breygel beauty angel
elizabeth breygel beauty angel
beauty haul favorites beauty angel
beauty haul favorites

Hello lovelies! I`m so happy that January have finished already, even though it makes me closer to Brazilian Autumn, this fact makes me kind happy. Because autumn is the most adorable and romantic time of a year. Today I`m going to show you a little bit of my January beauty favorites. For most of the products I did a detail review already, but there are some new goodies too. Hope you will enjoy <3

 Isabelle Dupont Nail Lacquer 

I really think this shade is perfect for winter or even autumn time. This deep mature shade looks very classy on short and seductive on long nails. Unfortunately it doesen`t last for many days, so for girls, who likes to do things on the kitchen this  Isabelle Dupont Nail Lacquer is not the perfect variant. But it is still my favorite nail product for winter. Take a look how amazing this shade here

Lip Paint by Le Keux Cosmetics

I`m simply in love with this amazing Lip Paint by Le Keux Cosmetics. Even though my man tells me that red shade doesen`t fit me I literally can`t stop using it. Strongly recommend for everyone give a chance and try it, you`ll never regret. I told enough about this little cutie in my review, so check it out.

Tony Moly Tint in 'cherry pink'

For my lips this month I also adore little Tony Moly tint in shade cherry pink. Asian products are always come in super cute packaging. They know how to buy girls hurt :) And the quality of the product is also on very high level. Tony Moly tint will never disappear from your lips and will serve you all day long. My review and swatches here.

Color Trend blush by Avon

The next product is a blush in shade 'cheeky' from Color Trend line by Avon. This packaging reminds me of well - known blush by Mac, shade 'all day to walk'. And I think it is a very worthy replacement for a very good prize. Product has a lot of reflecting particles inside, so cheeks look luminous on the sun. Sure, it is not that very perfect for winter time, but as it is summer for me now I decided to include this blush in my January favorites list.

The Porefassional by Benefit

It is totally impossible not to love Porefassional. It makes my skin so smooth and prepares it perfectly for further makeup. I will definitely buy a full size product as soon as I will finish my sample version. Which, I almost totaly sure, will last me for a very long time. If you are curious to know more about this magic in a bottle follow the link

Eyebrow Pencil by Faberlic

And the last in the list of my beauty favorites is an eyebrow pencil by Faberlic. I know that almost noone from you, sweeties, know about this amazing company, but I promise to include their products in my giveaway:) So this brow pencil is my favorite brow pencil ever. It doesen`t have that strange ginger or red undertone, so my eyebrows perfectly match my hair colour. And it is also very easy to work with. Will repurchase it again and again. About a week ago I posted my eyebrow tutorial using this pencil. Follow the link if you are interested :)

That`s all for my January beauty favorites, please let me know what you have been loving recently and don`t forget to join my blog for much more interesting stuff.

Lot`s of love,