close-up of a brown eye with industrial silver and gray cut crease makeup look

I tried following a [blank] makeup tutorial have quickly become a very popular beauty challenge among the Youtube makeup community. Why not bring this little challenge into our cozy beauty bloggers' community? Today I tried following an Industrial-toned Makeup Tutorial by one of my all-time favorite makeup guru Mikey from the Glam & Gore Youtube channel and that's how it turned out!

makeup pictorial on how to do an industrial eye makeup look

How to do An Industrial-Toned Silver and Gray Makeup Look?

1. So, Mikey started with a foundation and contouring, but I'm a very messy makeup enthusiast, so I skipped this step and started with an eyeshadow primer. I also filled in my eyebrows with a dark brow pomade, just like in the tutorial, and cleaned out the edges with concealer.

2. Now it is time to start creating our 'new' crease. I used a thin eyeshadow brush and a cool grayish-brown matte eyeshadow to do this step. Draw a long line starting from the inner corner of the eye and extend it to the end of the eyebrow. Create a new cut crease a little bit higher, than your natural crease, to create an illusion of a bigger eyelid.

3. The next step is blending. Start to blend the crease with a soft and clean blending brush. To make the color gradient softer apply a little bit of light gray matte eyeshadow and blend the colors together once again. You can also add a little bit of white matte eyeshadow under the brow bone.
makeup pictorial on how to do an industrial eye makeup look

4. After you finish with a crease reapply eyeshadow primer on the eyelid, cleaning up the edges of the fake cut crease, this will help the white shimmer eyeshadow to stick onto the lid. Mikey also used white glitter on her eyelids, but, unfortunately, I had to skip this step, simply because I don't have white glitter.

5. We are almost there! Intensify the cut crease with a black matte eyeshadow and don't forget to blend the colors all together once again. Apply black matte eyeshadow on the bottom lash line at an angle, leaving the inner corner untouched. Highlight the waterline and the inner corners with a white eye pencil, filling in the gaps. Finishing elements - dramatic black eyeliner and falsies.

Finishing Touches...

After I finished with eye makeup I applied foundation and contour my face, just like Mikey showed in her makeup tutorial. For the lips I used a matte liquid lipstick, it was a little bit lighter than in the video but still looked good with the whole makeup. Overall, I loved wearing this look, though it turned out a bit different than Mikey's. If you are interested in this beauty challenge I encourage you to try following a makeup tutorial by your favorite makeup guru. Until next time, lovelies!

Lots of love,