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Lip Paint by Le Keux Cosmetics / Review & Swatches

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Wednesday, January 29, 2014
perfect red lips tutorial
red lips step by step tutorial
red lipstick red lipgloss red lips tutorial
perfect red lips step by step tutorial

Hi my sweeties! I was so excited to tell you about today`s product - Lip Paint by Le Keux Cosmetics. I won this cutie in giveaway by amazing Sara from Glamourtricks blog. Thank you, Sara:) Take a moment to gaze on her blog - it is very interesting! So I never heard about this product before, even phrase 'lip paint' was confusing for me. Le Keux Cosmetics promises us a perfect vintage look and also says that we can achieve three different looks with this single products - glossy for 'just kissed' look, matte for everyday look and Hollywood  - to look like a star.

I received shade called 'Whistle Bait' - highly pigmented bloody red colour with gorgeous glossy finish. Looks very vintage. Formula of lip paint is very creamy and even moisturizing, reminds me of lip balm. So your lips will never get dry, even under the thick layer of product.  It is very easy to work with the product - the more pigmented you want your lips to be, the more lip paint you should add. It is build-able.
Girls I`m such a sucker for beautiful packaging and pleasant scents! This lip paint by Le Keux Cosmetics absolutely satisfies me on this points. It comes in a very cute blue bottle, which will perfectly fit interior of any vintage vanity. And product has an amazing cherry smell, I simply want to eat this hehe.

I tried to recreate proposed looks, using 'Whistle Bait', but I succeeded just with Hollywood and 'just kissed' looks. For 'just kissed' lips I put lip paint on the top of lip balm, using my finger. And for more classy and defined Hollywood lips I used brush. But I like how it looks on my lips, I even got inspired to create a vintage look, what you think? Please let me know in comments your opinion. And tell me if you tried lip or eye liner paint by Le Keux Cosmetics. Did you enjoy to use it? Don`t forget to follow me for more interesting reviews, looks and tutorials. Have a good weekend, ladies. Kisses <3

My EOTD : False Lashes and Dramatic Eyeliner

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Saturday, January 25, 2014
liz breygel beauty angel blog
liz breygel beauty angel blog

Hey everyone! How is your week so far? Today will be just a little post about my EOTD. I didn`t plan to go out today, just  was playing around with false lashes and eye liner. And here is my result. I wanted to create a tutorial for this or kind similar look. If you are interested please let me know, ladies. And don`t forget to follow my blog, I have so many incredible makeup tutorials in my mind. Hope you have an amazing weekend, dears. I`ll talk to you soon, thanks for coming by <3 Kisses

Dandelion blush by Benefit / Review & Swatches

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Friday, January 24, 2014
benefit cosmetics review
benefit cosmetics review
benefit cosmetics review
benefit cosmetics review

Benefit has few variations of this blush - Dandelion (for fair and light tone) CORALista (light to middle beige tone) and Dallas (middle to dark skin tone). I chose Dandelion because I was afraid that famous Coralista blush will be too dark for me and my makeup will look like clowns greasepaint. 

Dandelion blush comes in a slightly vintage packaging - green paper box with a little mirror inside. Packaging is amazingly cute, but don't serve for a long time. Colours and letters fade away in a very short time and it stops to be so attractive. It also has wooden brush with very soft wristles inside, but I don't find it very useful - it is simply not comfortable to use for me. I'm sorry that my blush don't look that fresh. In few days after I bought it I dropped it on the floor and was need to repair it with alcohol. But it is still amazing and I'm using it all the time.

Dandelion has a very silky and light formula. It doesen`t give you heavy cakey feeling on your face, which is a great benefit ;) Colour is very very pale so I`m not afraid to go 'to far' with it. As it was described on the site it gives a very light ballerina finish look plus it makes the skin very soft, almost silky. It is not actually a blush, it is a highlighting powder, so there are lots of luminous parts inside, which make your skin shine on the sun. I was trying so hard to take a good swatch for you, guys, but Dandelion is so pale, that it was almost impossible. I did my best, sweeties.

Thank you very much for reading me, girls! Did you try Dandelion by Benefit? Let me know your opinion about it. I wish you a wonderful day and amazing mood. See you :3

NOTD / Isabelle Dupont Nail Lacquer in Ripe Plum

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Wednesday, January 22, 2014
dark nails beauty angel
dark nails beauty angel

Hi girls! No long reviews, boring tags or strange makeup tutorials today. Just a very quick and short post about my NOTD. I always liked how the dark nail polish look on the nails, especially on a short nails. Dark colours make them look very neat and classy. The nail lacquer I`m using today is by Isabelle Dupont in # 300 (I hate it when they don`t give a name for colours, especially for such gorgeous shades).  It is a very juicy ripe plum shade with a posh glossy finish. It dries out in a few moments, but as most nail polishes and lacquers requires two coats. 

I really really like the way my nails look with Isabelle Dupont`s nail lacquer, the only thing I don`t know about this product yet is how long does it last. Will discover later so :) Have a wonderful days, cuties <3

Makeup Monday : Little Snowflake - Winter Makeup Tutorial

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Sunday, January 19, 2014
blue makeup step by step tutorial, makeup for blue eyes

Hi everyone! How was your weekend? I hope they were great and you are ready for a new week. Today I will show you another winter makeup look. This time I decided to create something very delicate and tender, like a little snowflake. I think this winter makeup is totally wearable and will look so beautiful on a blue eyes. Let`s start!

blue makeup step by step tutorial, makeup for blue eyes

Here are few steps that we need to follow to recreate the look :

It is better to do your eye makeup before you will apply foundation and powder, to avoid the mess. 

1. Prime your eyes and start to put baby blue eyeshadow with shimmer on the lid;
2. Using the blending brush put the light grey shade on the crease and blend the transition;
3. Highlight the brow bone, using very light snow blue shade;
4. Put the white eye pencil on inner corner and blend it with the finger. Put the same snow blue eyeshadow on the top;
5. Line your eyes with liquid eyeliner;
6. Highlight the water line with blue eye pencil and finish with mascara.

I hope you liked this winter makeup and maybe someone will even recreate this. Please let me know what you think. Thank you very much for reading and don`t forget to follow my blog for much more. Wish you an amazing week and I`ll talk to you soon. Kisses <3

The POREfessional by Benefit / Review & Swatches

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Thursday, January 16, 2014
benefit cosmetics review
benefit cosmetics review
benefit cosmetics review
benefit cosmetics review

I received this small sample tube (7,5 ml) when I was buying another beauty products by Benefit. I was very excited, because I always wanted to try POREfessional and heard so many things about this primer. I can't say that I have a bad skin, it is not very oily and  I don't struggle with acne. But the main problem of my facial skin is large pores, blackheads and some redness. Porefessional smoothing primer was created exactly to hide these problems of the skin. 

Formula of Porefessional is very light and silky. Feels on the skin more like a balm, than a cream. Products comes in one unique shade, and I was afraid that it will be too dark. But after you apply and blend product it adjusts to your skin tone. Skin become very smooth and silky in touch. The biggest weakness of the Porefessional  by Benefit is that this product is silicone based. And as we know silicone is bad for the skin. I don`t think that using it daily is a good idea. We need to give our skin some rest too.

I took the picture before the Porefessional  and after it, so you can see the result. I put it on my cheeks, around nostrils and on the area under my nose, because I have a very large pores there. As you can perceive my skin became more fresh, pores became smaller and redness around my nose reduced very much. Skin even look more fresh and light. I think if to put more products results will be even better. 

I liked this primer very much and I`m thinking to buy the full size product later. Please let me know your opinion about Porefessional in a comments. I`m very curious to know your thoughts. Thanks to be with me, I`ll talk to you soon, ladies. Bye bye xx

I'm So Thankful for Blog Buddies Tag

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Saturday, January 11, 2014

Hello beauties! Few days ago I was tagged by awesome Ashey from Ashley Maria beauty blog to do this blogger tag. And I want to say a big thanks to her, because I wanted to do it so much! Ash, thanks for the opportunity. Please find a minute and take a look at her amazing tutorials. So the rules of this blogger tag are very easy, just to answer few questions about yourself and your blog. Then you need to tag your blogger friends and they should do the same.

About My Blog 

How long have you been blogging?

I started blogging in may 2013.

Are there any bloggers who helped you out/encouraged you when you first started your blog?

Yes, every follower and every blogger friend motivated me and helped me to develop my blog a lot. I appreciate their help and love my beauties so much!

What Social Media has given you the most traffic to your blog? Is there a platform that you don’t use?

I think Google + provides the biggest traffic to my blog. Then goes Facebook and Twitter. I don`t use my Instagram frequent, but I know it helps many bloggers so I`m thinking to start working on it better.

How often do you post? Do you have a regular schedule?

I`m posting twice or three times per week. And I want to do that more frequent and I even set my goals for this year. I just need to stop being such a lazy ass ;)

Where do you blog?

For now I spend almost all of my time at home. So my bedroom is my office :)

What camera do you use?

Currently I`m using Samsung DV300F, but I pretend to develop my blog and by a professional camera in the close future.

How did you come up with your blog name?

I`m not a native English speaker, so it was very difficult for me to create a name for my blog. At first my blog had my name - Liz Breygel. That when it started to grow a little I named it The Beauty Inside, but it was kind stupid. At now it calls Beauty Angel. The reason is coz my love calls me an angel and I like it soo much :) So i decided to use this name, past of this name for my blog.

Do you do any regular “series” posts on your blog?

I do monthly favorites and going to start Makeup Mondays. First episode will be soon :)

What draws you to a blog?

I think behind each blog there is a personality. When you first load a blog page you can already understand some things about the person, who works on the content. So what attracts me is this personality of people, who are behind.

What turns you off of a blog?

It`s a hard question. When people don`t put useful information or when pictures has a bad quality. Just that I think.

How many blogs do you subscribe to?

Many, and unfortunately sometimes I don`t give enough attention to all those amazing blogs. But I will follow a special blogger schedule to have a time for everyone!

When do you generally read blogs?

When I write my own posts, for some inspiration and as a distraction too:) hehe

What is your favorite type of post, and why?

I love review of beauty products. It`s interesting to see swatches and know the opinion about products that are hard to find in my country. But more that reviews I like beauty hauls and monthly favorites. And sure makeup tutorials also.

What is your least favorite type of post, and why?

Sure it is not cool to read paid posts, but all amazing blogs need to be supported as TV channels or beauty gurus on YouTube. And I understand this.

About Me

Where do you live?

I`m living n Brazil but originally I`m from Eastern Europe.

What about your home?

I live in private house. Just that :P

Do you have a “day job”?

No, but I`ll find as soon as I will learn Portuguese.

How tall are you?

I`m 5'4" or 163 cm. When I was a kid I had many complexes about my height, but now I even like that I`m small.

Do you have siblings?

Yes, I have an elder sister. She is 5 years older than me and lives far away from me. Miss her very much.

3 words to describe yourself.

Laziness, laziness and did I said that I`m lazy? :)

Who is your style icon, and why?

No, don`t ask me about style, I`m totally tasteless person when it goes about the clothes. I need a personal fashion trainer.

3 favorite bands/musicians.

Actually I think my girls will be surprised to know that I love Nirvana, Three Days Grace and Crossfade :)

3 favorite movies.

Too much favourites, can`t give an answer. Movies by Tarantino.

3 favorite books.

I love The Old Man and The Sea, just didn`t catch the whole meaning of this book. Martin Eden by Jack London is amazing book and short stories my Chekhov always make me think.

3 random/weird facts about you.

My life is too boring, I don`t know interesting facts about me.

Thanks to reading me girls. I`ll talk to you very soon, have an amazing weekend <3

Monthly Favourites / December

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Sunday, January 05, 2014
beauty angel shopping haul
beauty angel shopping haul
beauty angel shopping haul
beauty angel shopping haul

Hi, girls! Sorry to take long to do my December Favourites post. I was celebrating New Year for a few days ( I`m going to make a post about it also) and had a lack of time and energy to do it. Currently it is a summer in Brazil, so all my products are light and I don`t really use to much makeup now, because of the hot weather.  But here are some of awesome beauty products that I`ve been loving in December.

Korean BB Cream by Beauty Angel

It was my first try of a korean cosmetics and I actually enjoyed very much. I`m definitely going to try more asian products and I`m almost sure that I will like very much. This cream is amazing. Due to a very light formula it absorbs into skin immediately. If you don`t need a full coverage and want to look simple and beautiful BB cream by Beauty Angel is the best option. For swatches and more details follow this link.

Very me Blush by Oriflame

Never was trying a bright pink blush on my skin, so I decided to make a little experiment. I didn`t expect that I will like it so much. I think it is a very summer colour, isn`t it? Blush is super pigmented so be careful to don`t go to far and look strange:) I even have an idea to try it some day in a role of eyeshadow. Who knows, maybe it will look amazing :))

Eyeliner by Yanqina 

I simply love this eyeliner. And not just cute design, no :) It is long - lasting, well - pigmented and it is just pleasant to work with. Plus it could be an awesome little present for your girl friends. Everyone would enjoy to receive such little panda. This purchase totally convince me to don`t stop and buy more asian beauty products to try. My review and swatches here

Eye Kohl by Mac

I don`t really think that this two eye pencils need my commentaries. I can`t stop using these eye pencils, they`re awesome. Very creamy, very pigmented what do we need more for a perfect makeup look? Follow this link to learn more and see swatches. 

They`re Real Mascara by Benefit

And the last product in my December list is amazing mascara by Benefit. They`re Real is not just a mascara for me, it is just a magic in a bottle. I adore everything about this mascara starting from the design of a tube and finishing with the smell of the product. It is a product which I will repurchase again and again. They`re Real mascara is simply amazing. Here is my detail review for this mascara.

That`s all for my December Favourites. Did you use any of these products? Please let me know in a comments. I hope you enjoy reading my post, I`ll see you guys soon. Bye bye <3

Tony Moly Tint / Review & Swaches

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Friday, January 03, 2014
korean cosmetics review
korean cosmetics review
korean cosmetics review

Hi, cuties! How was your New Year`s Eve? I hope you had a good time with your family and friends! My korean obsession continues and today I want to perform to you this little cuteness called Tony Moly Lip Tint. I have just a sample size but it was enough for me to make my conclusions. This little tint was created to make that famous and beautiful doll lips effect.

By the consistency and formula Tony Moly tint reminds of ink. Sure, not in a bad sense. Tint is just super pigmented and concentrated, so you need just a small drop to cover the whole lips. I wish it has a better small, if it was smelling like cherry or strawberry I would use it with more pleasure. But on the other hand it is better for allergic people. The shade I own in # 01 - cherry pink. It is a very bright crimson red colour, which can be also used as a blush. By the way, don`t be afraid that if tint will arrive in a very small size. It is really very tiny, and the bottle is half full (not half empty).

Tony Moly tint stays on the lips for eternity, it is even kind hard to remove. You can be sure that after the whole day your lips will still look perfect. All you need to reach a beautiful dolly lips effect is to apply few drops on the bottom lips, smudge and finish with a lipgloss. 

That`s all, cuties. Let me know if someone of you also tried this tint by Tony Moly. Did you like it? Thanks to be with me. I wish you an awesome weekend! Kisses :3