woman on a plain background with updo hairstyle is wearing and oversized mirrored, aviator sunglasses

Probably one of the most popular, truly iconic sunglasses shapes is the aviator sunglasses. They are incredibly versatile, can be used by anyone, at any age, and of course, unlike most sunglasses, aviators are unisex. Their design originated from Bausch & Lomb firm, later known as Ray Bay. However other brands also produce aviators, as they are so popular and widely used. The reason behind their streamlined design lies in their initial usage: aviator sunglasses were used underneath a leather aviator helmet with goggles.

Of course, since the military times, when aviator sunglasses were mostly worn by soldiers, officers and policemen, they also gained popularity among simple civilians, available for them in the late 1940s and 1950s. At first, these sunglasses were aimed at athletes, and sports enthusiasts who spend a lot of time in the sun.  Later adopted by other people, who liked spending their time outdoors, like fishermen and hikers.  Apart from their visual appeal, the main reason behind aviators’ popularity is their functionality, and ability to provide ‘true’ color, while protecting the eyes from harmful ultraviolet rays emanation.

Nowadays, aviator sunglasses continue to be the most popular sunglasses shape. People love them primarily because of their ‘bad-ass’ look, and the whole fascinating history behind the creation. Aviators were also popularised by popular culture, Hollywood actors, and other celebrities.

woman on a plain background with updo hairstyle is wearing and oversized mirrored, aviator sunglasses

What Face Shape Do Aviators Look Best On?

The aviator or pilot sunglasses are easier to pull off than you think. This is the eyeglass shape that suits most, if not every face shape. So, if you are still looking for the perfect sunglasses for your face, then go for an aviator without any doubt. The only, minor thing to consider, when choosing your perfect pair of aviators in the shape of the frames, is their size, and the style in general.

There are a few iconic features that will help you distinguish aviator sunglasses from other models:

  • An overall sleek, streamlined shape of the frame;

  • Durable metal (sometimes plastic) joints;

  • ‘Hooked’ shape of the frames, that goes behind the years;

  • Large glass sockets, that cover the whole area around the eyes;

  • A ‘teardrop’ shape lens designed for better vision;

  • The reflective surface, and gradient tint of the glass;

  • A frontal brow bar, on top of the frame and plastic (silicone)  nose pads.

Clearly, all of these features may vary in some details, but they make aviators ideal for round, square, oval, and even heart-shaped faces. If you have an oblong face shape, you may want to opt for oversized aviator sunglasses to balance your face. The versatility of their look makes them look great on both men, and women, adding an edgy twist to any of their looks.

woman on a plain background with updo hairstyle is wearing and oversized mirrored, aviator sunglasses

My aviators of choice have a pretty peculiar geometric shape, wider on the top and narrower on the bottom. It is like a combination of cat-shaped glasses, with a metal frame and that distinctive top bar. A mirror coating on the glasses reflects the sun rays off the surface of the lenses, reducing the amount of light that passes through them. Such coating makes these sunglasses for women suitable for spring and summertime when the sun is extra-blinding.

The shape itself looks great on my large, square face. The large, oversized appeal correlates with the jawline, compensating for the face shape. These glasses were available in three different colors: silver, rose-gold, and gold. I stopped on silver sunglasses because it is my favorite metal, which, I believe, fits my complexion well.

And what do you think of aviator sunglasses? Do you own one in your collection? If you do have a pair of these beauties, let me know how you like to style them, and where you wear them. I heard that pilot sunglasses look fantastic even with the classic office suit. Well, James Bond, together with Neo and Trinity from the Matrix, definitely makes them look appropriate for any occasion. Aren't they?

Lots of love,