fashion collage with pieces from the Rinsta store.

Do you remember, when was the last time you shopped for clothing? Last year's Black Friday sale was great in terms of skincare finds, but I don't remember getting anything new for the wardrobe. The coronavirus pandemic, lockdown, and 'working from home' mode have taught me to be very minimalistic about my fashion picks. The same goes for my manicure and makeup. I just feel like I can't be bothered at the moment. Have you ever felt this way?

A minimalist lifestyle and a capsule wardrobe always go together. These are an inseparable duet, just like toast and marmalade. Such a way of living saves time, money, energy, and even the environment. Nonetheless, diving into the world of fashion trends can be therapeutic. And it is exactly what my soul needed for a change. Thanks to the online fashion store Rinsta and its aesthetic fashion trends, I had an opportunity to cure my sense of fashion beauty.

All three pieces are ideal for the in-between winter/spring period. The time when the weather may still be chilly, but warm enough to pull off a pair of sneakers and a light sweatshirt. Although I live in the Southern Hemisphere, and the summer season is in full swing at the moment, it is always nice to think in advance. To start, I decided to stop my choice of three trendy pieces, which look casual at first sight. Still, they are far from being basic and serve as an addition to the capsule wardrobe.

blogger Liz Breygel demonstrates black cardigan look.


The very first piece that caught my eye was this casual v-neck cardigan. I'm a huge fan of cardigans. Some may think cardigans spread a 'librarian' vibe or remind them of something old-fashioned, but I have no problem with any of both. I believe cardigans to be one of the most versatile pieces of clothing, which can instantly transform your whole look. Just look like K-pop idols rock knit cardigans. So stylishly and effortlessly!

Well, this black open-front cardigan can be styled just as casually. It features a very elegant gold buckle that substitutes a button. The buckle helps to hold both hems together but can be easily removed. The cardigan is available in two colors: a classic black color, which I got, and a lovely greenery shade, which, in my opinion, is simply perfect for the spring.

Wondering how to incorporate a similar black cardigan into your outfit and wear it stylishly? You can keep it simple by pairing the cardigan with a plain white or nude top, and jeans. The black and white feminine dress, and a pair of boots for a more romantic vibe, and with pencil skirt and heels for a classic look. The black cardigan looks and works fantastic with most outfits and in most seasons of the year.

blogger Liz Breygel demonstrates fuzzy three-piece suit look

Three-piece Suit*

Now for the next aesthetic fashion find, which is a real fashion challenge for me. I'm talking about this adorable fuzzy three-piece suit in my favorite pastel shade of lavender. Usually, I don't buy and don't even try the fuzzy clothes. But, I couldn't resist the cuteness and decided to step out of my comfort zone.

The suit features three separate pieces: a crop top, a mini skirt with an elastic belt, and a cardigan with bishop sleeves. All the pieces are made from a synthetic material with medium-length hairs and are super-soft and cozy to the touch. The crop tank top has wide straps and, despite being lightweight, it is not transparent. Unlike the skirt, which will require 'reinforcing' with a nude skirt or shapewear. The skirt is too short for my liking. The cardigan is, of course, my favorite piece. It is very good-looking, and I plan to tock it separately.

blogger Liz Breygel demonstrates a cute, fuzzy crop top look.

Plush Crop Top*

And, lastly the plush crop top with the cutest cherry embroidery in a muted blue color. And again, this top was just as unusual for me as the previous three-piece suit. I plan to wear it with a pair of distressed boyfriend jeans and white sneakers. But, it is also possible to style this cute crop top with shorts or a mini skirt.

Before ordering any clothing from Rinsta, make sure to check the size chart and the inch/cm. Generally, clothes have a smaller fitting, than what you are used to. I would recommend you to read the description thoroughly.

Let's summarize...

And now the best part of today's post for those of you, who are interested in some fashion therapy. Catch and don't forget to use a special discount code RIN15 for 15% off sitewide. They've got the most beautiful collection called Very Peri, inspired by Pantone's color of the year. In case of some serious fashion addiction, you can use a discount code RIN20 for 20% off all orders over $65. Little online shopping never hurt anybody, am I right?

Lots of love,