BB Cream by Beauty Angel / Review & Swatches

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Saturday, November 30, 2013
korean cosmetics review
korean cosmetics review
korean cosmetics review

Hi, cuties! I never tried korean cosmetics before, but heard a lot of different information about. Some people like it and say a very good commentaries about it. Another people don`t like korean products. I decide to create my own opinion and some time ago purchased this BB cream by Beauty Angel. I was using it for some time so now I`m ready to tell you my honest opinion. 

Beauty Angel`s BB cream goes in  a standard tube for creams and three shades - light beige, natural beige and deep beige. Mine is 01 - light beige. As any other BB creams Beauty Angel`s has a light coverage and moisturizing formula, which gives a very natural finish look. One of the benefits of this cream is the whitening effect. I really like to have a light skin and not a fan of tanning. So BB cream by Beauty Angel not jst protect my skin from harmful sun light, but makes my skin tone lighter.

I`m a big fan of cute packed and good smelling products. I know it is not the most important thing, but all girls will agree that it`s pleasant to use cosmetics which is pleasant in all ways. Don`t understand me wrong this BB cream my Beauty Angel don`t smell bad, but the scent is too regular. I wish it smell more interesting:)

Overall, I really liked this cream. And, sure, I recommend it for all of you girls. I`m looking forward to buy more korean makeup products and cosmetics. Follow my blog to see reviews and my opinion, kisses :3