cute baby an dmother in matching outfits are posing in the middle of the summer field.
Photo: Josh Willink

'Mommy and me' outfit is a set of clothes and accessories for a mother and her child that usually has a similar style and accessories. You'll frequently find matching t-shirts, pajamas, home wear, and other clothing for the whole family as this style always remains trendy. There are even matching holiday costumes and accessories, which will allow the whole family to dress up cutely for the upcoming Christmas or Halloween parties.

The history of matching outfits for mommies and their children goes back to the early 1900s and French fashion designer Jeanne Lanvin. After the birth of her daughter, couturière created a children’s fashion line with the same textiles that Jeanne used in her womenswear collection. And almost 30 years later mother-daughter fashion was popularized by the Hollywood actresses who loved dressing up in matching outfits with their youngsters.

Of course, the 'mommy and me' style is exceptionally adorable. Every mother-to-be, mother now, auntie, granny, and daddy have an urge to express their love for the child, and showing it through fashion is a fabulous idea. Together with the Popopieshop, I've picked out a few very cute mommy and me outfits you will definitely want to try. From lovely cottagecore-inspired style to the chic street fashion looks, and soft pastel looks. There are plenty of fashionable options for the whole family!

mother and son in matching nautical outfits play on a sofa
Photo: Tatiana Twinslol

Nautical Voyage

Did you know that nautical style in fashion has started with a miniature sailor's suit worn by toddler Prince Albert Edward? If you are a lucky mom of a cute little boy, you should take some inspiration from nautical fashion and gather up a few resort-ready looks. How about a striped t-shirt for your baby boy with matching pants and linen culottes pants with a lightweight tricot cardigan for mommy?

mother and her daugther wearing cottagecore inspired looks are cooking in the kitchen.
Photo: Mikhail Nilov

Cottagecore Style

Searching for cute baby clothes for girls, but can't come up with a certain style? Look no further, as cottagecore fashion is both trendy and charmingly beautiful. You don't actually have to wear the same outfits with your baby daughter. It will be more than enough to pick up a vintage-style floral dress for your girl, and an apron dress for you. Mustard and forest green colors are also a great combination!

woman and toddler are wearing stylish outfits and posing on the street
Photo: Sai De Silva

Mommy & Me Are Street Fashion Icons

Street style is comfortable and approachable, so if you are a busy, but stylish mama this fashion genre is for you. You can simply find two pairs of similar jumpsuits, and wear them with two white t-shirts or button-up shirts. Sounds pretty simple and easy to pull off, isn't it?

mother and daugther in matching sporty outfits eat healthy snacks
Photo: Perfect Snacks

Sporty Family

A happy family relationship is when you want to spend every spare minute with the people you love, and do various activities together. Jogging, and going to the gym can be so much fun if you do this together with your children. You can even attend the same yoga and dance classes! Of course, matching sports outfits will make it less likely for both of you to skip the session.

mom and her baby are wearing matching outfirts and pose in the forest
Photo: Tatiana Syrikova

Forest Adventures

Go to the nearest park or forests on a breathtaking adventure, wearing matching teddy jackets will make this family experience even more exciting. Plus, you'll get a bunch of beautiful photos for your social media and your family album. Similar outfits in earthy tones will help you to blend with the environment, and you'll be able to observe the wild nature up close.


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