small capsule with hair care mask by balea on a pink studio's background

How often do you use a hair mask, and do you use it at all? Many of us tend to avoid or even skip this vital step in the hair care routine. Although a hair mask should not be overused – one to two times a week is more than enough to bring back your locks to life. Another serious question is whether to stick to one brand that works for your hair type or keep trying something new. It is something I still work on, and, for now, I pick the second option and keep trying new stuff on my dry hair.

Yes, lovelies, you guessed it right. Today we will take a closer look at a peculiar hair mask by a famous German brand called Balea. They came in travel-sized portions (20ml) that look like capsules with cream or sauce. However, the full-sized versions with 250 ml of the product are also available. Despite its petite proportions, one capsule of hair mask is big enough to cover even the longest and thickest hair.

small capsule with hair care mask by balea on a pink studio's background

About the Brand

But first, a few words about the brand Balea. It is a famous, affordable beauty brand owned by dm Drogeriemarkt – a retailer widely known and loved in the EU. They produce a wide range of cosmetics and beauty care products including skin care, hair care, and even some tools. Balea brand is not entirely vegan, but it offers a large range of vegan beauty products.

Balea Schönheitsgeheimnisse Haarmaske

Back to the product! Balea Schönheitsgeheimnisse or Beauty Secret is a nourishing hair mask that restores and deeply moisturizes dry and dull hair. It comes in different colors and scents with different formulations for each and every hair concern. I have four different hair masks: cocoswasser or coconut water, acai beere or acai berry, hafermilch or oat milk, and avocado with an avocado scent.

small capsule with hair care mask by balea on a pink studio's background

All four masks have a pleasant creamy texture, which glides on the hair like silk. At the same time, the mask isn't runny, so its texture stays on the hair. One capsule was enough to cover my long hair, but if your hair is pretty short, you may be able to use it 2-3 times. Once applied, the mask works almost immediately softening and moisturizing every single hair strand.

The scent of the mask is soft and sweet, it has some milky notes to it. All four scents (and all four formulas) are pretty similar to me. The scent stays on the hair even after the mask is washed away from it. To tell the truth, as I couldn't tell the actual difference between the masks, I liked them all the same way. Every mask worked wonders on my hair, softening it and easing the after-wash combing.

small capsule with hair care mask by balea on a pink studio's background

Final Verdict

The hair mask is just as important and essential a step in the hair care routine as shampoo or regular combing. Of course, like any other product, it should be used wisely, but never skipped or forgotten. Luckily for all of us, hair care treatments and masks don't have to be high-end to provide you with actual results. Schönheitsgeheimnisse Haarmaske or Beauty Secret mask by Balea is one such quality product that doesn't break your budget while making your hair nourished and glossy. I suggest you try it! You'll love the price and the results.

Lots of love,