a close-up of woman's lisptick with a matter, red lip makeup

Matte lipsticks are my favorite, they always look posh and elegant on the lips, but it can be complicated and tricky to maintain that flawless matte lip look. Matte lips tend to get dry, and patchy, and the application of matte lip products demands very special attention. Not everyone has time and, what's more importantly, wishes to apply those matte lipsticks on their lips.

With all the flaws and downsides, matte lipsticks hold a special place in my heart, as the posh matte finish never fails to captivate. Whether you're a seasoned makeup enthusiast seeking to refine your technique or a curious newbie who wants to step into the world of matte lip looks, this step-by-step makeup guide is your key to unlocking the allure of matte lip colors. Let's begin?

collage with two images demonstarting how to exfoliate and moisturize lips before applying makeup

Start by preparing your lips' skin...

  • Exfoliate to remove dry patches:

First of all, you need to prepare your lips before applying matte lipstick or lip gloss. Matte textures easily settle into the wrinkles, fine lines, and dry patches on your lips, so you need to make sure your lips are as smooth as a canvas. You can use a soft toothbrush, white sugar, or even baking soda to gently scrub your lips and remove dry, chapped skin. Make sure to exfoliate your lips regularly, because regular glossy lipsticks and glittery lip glosses look the best on soft and smooth lips.

  • Moisturize to smooth the surface:

Our lips are very tender and have a thinner layer of skin than any other part of our body, that`s why lips lose moisture faster and easier. I have super dry lips and need some special, intense treatment to prevent dry patches and the only thing that keeps my lips healthy is a Lip Sleeping Mask by Laneige

Using matte lipsticks can make your lips even drier and chapped, so to prevent this inconvenience apply a thin layer of hydrating lip balm right before you apply lipstick. You don`t need to spend a fortune to keep your lips hydrated, just try to find a lip balm that won`t be very oily or runny, the one that will 'stay in place'. I prefer to use beeswax-based lip balms and my favorite at the moment is Visibly Soft Lip Balm by EOS.

collage with two images demonstarting how to outfline and  fill in lips with lip liner

Move on to lip makeup application...

  • Outline with lip liner

Matte lipstick is probably the only lipstick that does not require a lip pencil. If applied accurately and neatly it won`t smudge, but I would still recommend you to use a lip pencil. Line your lips, creating a desirable lip shape with a sharp matte lip pencil. Follow the natural contours of your lips, taking care to create an even line that complements your facial features. 

The lip liner not only prevents your matte lipstick from bleeding or smudging but also ensures a well-defined canvas for the rich color that follows. Apply matte lipstick on your lips and give it some time to dry and set on the lips. Clean up the edges with the help of foundation or concealer and a synthetic lip brush to get that perfect, precise look.

  • Fill in your lips' shape with liner

Finished with outlining? It is time to fill in your lips with the same lip liner. Start at the edges of your lips and softly and carefully fill your lips with lip liner color. Tap your lips with your fingers or use a lip brush to smooth out the color.

  • Add lipstick color

With your lip shape artfully outlined, it's time to apply the star of the show – your favorite matte lipstick. Pick a creamy, matte formula that will glide onto your lips, enveloping them in a luxurious burst of color. Take care to fill in your lips evenly, using gentle strokes to ensure a seamless application. 

collage with two images demonstarting how to apply matte lisptick on to the lips

Set your matte lip makeup with powder...

To make your lip color last all day set it with some translucent powder, I also like to set my matte lipstick with a matte eyeshadow of a similar color. Bold matte lip finishes can make your lips appear smaller and thinner, but you can avoid this by applying a highlighter on the center of your lips. Try to apply powder highlighters to your matte lips. 

collage with two images showing lips before and after red matte lipstick

Wrapping Up...

Now that you know how to apply matte lipstick like a pro, you can confidently flaunt the chic appeal of this timeless beauty staple. With a few simple tips, you can create a flawless matte lip look that will last all day long. So go ahead and experiment with different colors and shades to find the perfect one for you. And don't forget to have fun with it!

Lots of love,