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An underrated piece in most wardrobes, graphic tees are versatile garments, making them a must-have for all occasions. From band-inspired to quirky cartoon tees, and cute graphics to ironic prints, the breadth of graphic tees' potential is unlimited.

For graphic tee inspiration, check out local stores, charity shops, online stores, and your boyfriend's wardrobe. Yes, that's right, urban graphic tees targeted toward men, can look cool, yet cute and effortless on women too. Whether you’re dabbling with the idea of investing in some graphic tees, or you have a few, but no inkling how to style them, this post can help you.

  • Band Tee

A common staple in wardrobes of those who are passionate about music. The band tee has been around since the 70s and it's still popular today, with celebrity fashion-conscious icons like Kanye mixing band tees with retro accessories.

To style, go for an oversized band tee, and keep the graphic as the focus by pairing your top with muted shades, and monochrome. To rock up the look, consider wearing skinny jeans or baggy ripped jeans for a grunge aesthetic. On your feet, opt for Converse for a casual appearance, or chunky cowboy ankle boots for a smart/casual look.

And, if you’re feeling fancy, top the look off with a fedora hat and leather buckled belt.

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  • Logo Tee

90s fashion has come back around, and with it, the logo t-shirt is on the rise. The logo tee has recently been adopted by high fashion designers from streetwear brands, who are rediscovering archived emblems and logos to place boldly and center on tees.

As such, the humble brag t-shirt with discreet labels is making way for the Insta brag tee with impressive labels like Gucci. With this graphic tee, let the brand do the talking in your ensemble, and pair it with minimal, yet neat garments, such as a blazer, for a smart upgrade, tapered pants, and depending on the occasion, perhaps loafers or some new balance trainers.

  • Allover Print Tee

So, when you’re considering pulling out the all-over print tee, keep in mind the smaller the graphics the better. Because if the graphics are too big, it could look like you’re wearing a garish holiday shirt from the older men’s section of a store (in other words, your dads' wardrobe).

Feel free to opt for classic all-over prints, or if you’re feeling daring, look out for camo, tie-dye, and geometrics.

If you’re second guessing whether you can make the all-over print work, fear not, it's easy to incorporate into your everyday style. Think of pairing it with a washed-out denim skirt, chunky trainers, and a bomber jacket for a casual look.

beautiful woman in a graphic black tee is posing on the street
Photo: Rafael Alexandrino de Mattos

  • Reverse Print Tee

This tee is highly recommended as the perfect entry tee for those who are drawn toward minimalist fashion. Because the reverse print gives wearers the chance to keep it clean in the front and host the party out back.

The biggest benefit of having a print on the back is, there’s more room to display a graphic you love. To let this tee shine, be sure to leave your jacket at home, or tie your hoodie around your waist at least. If it’s chilly out and you need a coat, consider a brighter tee, to add something to the overall look when the graphic can’t be seen. Or pop on a layered necklace, to give a little something to the front.

  • Abstract Print Tee

Abstract graphic tees offer a unique canvas for creative expression, allowing you to infuse your personal style into your outfit effortlessly. When styling your favorite abstract tee, consider embracing its artistic charm and incorporating it into various looks. 

For a chic and casual ensemble, pair your abstract tee with high-waisted jeans and a statement belt. This combination not only accentuates your waistline but also gives a nod to the juxtaposition of casual and artsy vibes. Complete the look with a pair of white sneakers or ankle boots for a touch of urban edge.

If you're looking to elevate your abstract tee game for a night out, layering is your go-to technique. Slip a tailored blazer over your tee, instantly adding sophistication to the ensemble. This pairing creates an intriguing contrast between the structured blazer and the free-flowing abstract design. Complement the outfit with a sleek pair of trousers or a skirt, and don't forget to add some sleek accessories to tie the look together. 

Time to Wrap Up...

Graphic tees, worn well, can add a laid-back yet cool vibe to any outfit. With the tips above, you can begin styling your tees the right way. The key is not to try too hard, and let the print do most of the talking. Try mixing up the look by tucking a loose graphic tee in your jeans and adding a belt. If it’s hot out, and you have an enviable stomach, roll it up and tie a knot at the front for a baggy belly top. And if you’re feeling Billie Eilish’s look (who isn't) wear it large and loose, for a carefree yet stylish image.

Lots of love,