pots with baby cream by bubchen on top of a pink background

Sometimes all your dry, sensitive skin needs is a soft touch of a baby cream. And, voilà! It is smooth, moisturized, and resurrected once again! It's no surprise, as baby creams are usually formulated with gentle components that pamper the skin. 

Even dermatologists encourage us with sensitive skin to use baby products! For instance, dermatologist Andrea Suarez, says that a baby's skin barrier is more prone to sensitivity and irritation (due to an underdeveloped barrier). Thus, products marketed for babies are formulated to be gentle on delicate skin.

For today's skincare review, I'm sharing my thoughts on an all-time favorite product: a gentle baby cream by the German brand Bübchen. It's affordable, has a rich texture, and is simply incredible! I haven't found a better cold-weather cream for dry and sensitive skin. So, join me as I tell you more about it and the brand itself.

About Bübchen

Bübchen is a German brand of baby care products that was founded in 1901. The company's products are known for being very gentle on the skin and effective, and they are popular with parents around the world. Bübchen's product line includes a wide range of various caring items, such as lotions, baby shampoos, wet wipes, and even baby food.

  • Packaging

The two products I have for my review are two baby creams, very similar in formula and packaging. Both are packed in small, travel-friendly plastic pots. One is called Bübchen Verniosa Gesichtspflege, which is infused with gentle beneficial ingredients, while the other is called Bübchen Creme Himbärspaß, which is simply a baby cream with a raspberry scent to it. Respectively, the sensitive skin cream comes in a baby-blue pot, while the other one has cute hot-pink packaging.

  • Texture and scent

Both creams have a similar texture – smooth and spreadable, not too thick or thin. They absorb quickly, leaving no sticky or heavy residue behind. The scent of the [specific cream name] is soft and barely noticeable, while the raspberry cream has a delightful fruity aroma.

  • Ingredients

Baby creams are primarily based on two main ingredients: water and Helianthus Annuus Seed Oil, also known as sunflower seed oil. This natural oil acts as a savior for dry and damaged skin because it can help the skin produce its own lipids (not synthesize). While sunflower seed oil works wonders for many skin types, including some cases of acne-prone skin, it's important to note that it might not be suitable for everyone with acne (individual results may vary). 

Finding out that Bübchen baby creams are based on sunflower seed oil unlocked some pleasant memories for me, reminding me of how my mom used cold-pressed sunflower oil on my skin when I was a newborn!

Other beneficial and caring ingredients in the formula include Glycerin, which is a Holy Grail for chapped and damaged skin; a Hydrolyzed Wheat Protein that helps to retain moisture in the skin and provides deep hydration; and Panthenol, which is a star-ingredient in most baby skincare, as it is known for it's repairing and healing abilities.

pots with baby cream by bubchen on top of a pink background

Final Verdict

It's always delightful to discover an affordable and comforting product for dry, sensitive skin, especially on a cold, dry day when the weather feels harsh. Thankfully, skin discomfort doesn't have to be your reality! I highly recommend trying Bübchen baby cream. Any formula will work wonders, but for extremely sensitive skin, their ultra-sensitive skincare line is a dream. Remember, your skin deserves gentle, effective care, even as an adult!