woman's hand holding a bottle with magical water by balea

Did you know that one of the most popular German drugstore brands has a professional line? I haven't heard of it before either! That was quite a surprise to me when I stumbled upon the Magical Water by Balea Professional. Even the name of this product entices and charms. Well, if the results are going to be just as fascinating as the name, I'm definitely going to come back to this product. Curious to know what lies behind the name? Stay tuned to discover if this product is more myth than magic!

About Magical Water 'Glossy & Long'

Magical Water is part of a whole hair care line by Balea Professional under the name 'Glossy & Long'. It completes the set of five different products: shampoo, conditioner, a hair care treatment (aka the famous balea hair mask), hair oil in a spray, and, lastly this Magical Water. All five products are formulated without silicones and ammonia, and some are without alcohol. Additionally, their formulas were infused with castor oil and silk protein, which are so good for damaged and stressed hair strands.

While Magical Water doesn't seem like a regular, to-go choice, it caught my eye and I really wanted to give it a try. Who wouldn't want to experience a true magical potion on their hair, even if it's just a hair product? Curiosity got the better of me, so I decided to give it a try.

woman's hand holding a bottle with magical water by balea

  • Packaging

The packaging is pretty handy! It reminded me of those hair color applicator bottles you get when you buy box dye. It is easy to use, while you showering or washing your hair. Just squeeze, sprinkle and that's all the magic!

The design of the label is pretty disappointing. Balea has so many cutely packed skin and hair care products, and I was hoping for something more charming, especially given the name of this hair treatment. Well, I guess someone decided that cute packaging doesn't go well with the Balea Professional marketing approach.

  • Texture and Scent

There is not much to say about the texture and consistency of Balea's Magical Water for hair. It truly is a water. Liquid and runny, with a slight oiliness to it. It feels like a silicone hair serum diluted with water. The scent is incredible, sweet, and creamy, with a touch of chemical note. Don't worry, this 'chemical' scent goes out of the hair in some time, and it doesn't stick to the strands.

woman's hand holding a bottle with magical water by balea

  • Ingredients

Now to my favorite part in every hair and skincare review I do – ingredients! So, the Magical Water is based on Propylene Glycol, which is a type of synthetic viscous liquid. It attracts water and is supposed to be a more lightweight substitute for silicone. But, what is more interesting is that Propylene Glycol is diol, which is basically a type of alcohol. This doesn't sound right for damaged hair! 

Next on the ingredient list is Alcohol Denat, and a bit later Myristyl Alcohol and Isopropyl Alcohol. So, there are four alcoholic ingredients in the formula. I guess, that is the reason for that chemical scent I talked about earlier.

But, let's take a look at the bright side. There are beneficial ingredients in the formula too. For instance, Glycerin is a great conditioning agent. It helps to prevent hair breakage and hydrates the scalp. Another cool component in the formula is Castor Oil. It is present throughout the whole five products from the  'Glossy & Long' hair care line. Some researchers connect castor oil with hair growth promotion (ricinoleic oils penetrate the skin, acting as an inhibitor), so we like it!


 How to Use Magical Water by Balea Professional?

This is a mystery on its own! I couldn't find any useful step-by-step guides, explaining how to treat your hair with Magical Water by Balea Professional. So, I had to come up with my own way! I like to apply it on just washed and conditioned hair, as a pre-final rinse, using the Magical Water on the lower part of my hair. Then I gently comb through the strands and give them a final rinse. 

Final Verdict

Balea Professional claims that their Magical Water will give your hair ultimate shine and frizz-free results. And I have to agree, my hair is naturally shiny, but it definitely intensifies with the 'Glossy & Long' Magical Water. I imagine the effects would be even more impressive if you used the entire five-product line.

However, when I read through all the ingredients and did a little Google research, I was disappointed. I don't feel very comfortable bathing my long, thin hair with damaged tips in this alcohol-infused solution. There is no magic to it. And yes, I had to read through the composition back in the store, but I didn't.