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Boost Your Hair With RevivHair Placode Booster Serum | Review and GIVEAWAY!

hair growth serum before after pictures liz breygel blogger
hair growth serum before after pictures liz breygel blogger
hair growth serum before after pictures liz breygel blogger
hair growth serum before after pictures liz breygel blogger

Hair cells are the second - fastest produced cells in the body (after bone marrow), so hair is often the first thing to suffer from any unexpected weather and bodily changes. Reviv Serums launched a brand new remarkable product RevivHair Placode Booster Serum* that helps to reduce hair loss and stimulates hair  follicle formation. My hair was always thin and pretty weak, so I was super excited to try out this serum and see the drastic results myself.

One package contains five 6 ml (0,2 oz) vials, that look like a circle lens containers and a plastic syringe - applicator, one vial is enough for 6 days of constant usage. To receive the best results it is recommended to apply 1 dose of RevivHair Placode Booster Serum per day for 30 days of treatment, for continued treatment apply 3 doses per week. Recommended frequency of Intensive Treatment is two to four times a year. With consistent use, you can expect for a thicker, fuller and stronger hair and see a dramatic change in your hair density and structure.

The serum has a nonsticky lightweight gel consistency, it is absolutely transparent and have a nice sweet scent. Right after the application it provides a unique cooling and refreshing sensation for 10 - 15 minutes. This helps to promote healthy blood flow to your scalp and boosts penetration of active ingredients of the formula for faster and better results. Even thought the serum is water based it still makes my hair a little bit greasy, so I prefer to apply it at night, so in the morning I can wash my hair.

How to use:

- Using the provided syringe applicator, draw 1 ml of the RevivHair Placode Booster Serum.

- Apply 1 ml directly to scalp. Focus specifically on the most affected areas. Can be applied to either damp or dry scalp, no need to rinse it out.

- Massage the scalp with your fingertips, or use a dermaroller to distribute the treatment. Style your hair as usual.

I liked to apply the serum along my hair line, because it is the area where I have the most thin and weak hair. I use a Tangle Teezer to distribute the RevivHair Serum all over my scalp and help the absorption. After 4 weeks of daily usage I've noticed that my hair has been falling off less since I start to use this serum. I also noticed that my hair looks much more fuller and thicker and I started to have a lot more little baby hairs around the hairline. I highly recommend you incorporate this remarkable serum in your hair care routine if you're trying to improve hair density and health. Thanks to the innovative caring formula this serum can be used by men and women alike, it is gentle enough to be used on a color-treated hair and even beard area.

Do you want to try this serum by yourself?  Eight lucky winners will each receive a full - sized package of new Placode Booster Serum, a $79 product with a current introductory sale price of $44. Open to the United States and Canada residents (except Quebec). Enter the giveaway via a special form down below.
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