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The Perfect Nude Nails Big Universo Esmaltes | Brazilian Nail Polish Review & Swatches

Simple neutral shades always look classy and neat on the nails. Furthermore, nude color fits every style, outfit and occasion. Today I'm going to talk about my personal favorite everyday nail polish by famous Brazilian brand Big Universo. I rarely review Brazilian beauty brands here on my blog, but I think I'm going to do this more often from now on, so stay tuned!

The packaging is pretty simple, nothing unexpected or original. The brush-applicator is thin and long, it is comfortable to apply nail polish on the nail plate, covering all the corners and difficult places. Of course, some people prefer to use wide brush, that can cover the entire nail plate with one stroke. But I found thinner brush just as convenient as larger or wider brush.

Formula is just as creamy and thick, as it was claimed. You'll get the full coverage with one coat, but I still prefer to apply two thin coats of this nail polish for complete opacity. The application is smooth and even, no streaks or stripes. Big Universo Esmalte dries out on the nails in no time, leaving the nails' surface smooth and shiny.

And now my favourite pat of this review - few words about the staying power of Big Universo Esmalte. You won't believe me guys, but it lasts on my nails more than two weeks with minor chipping. Of course, after so much time on the nails, it doesn't look as flattering as fresh nail polish, but I´m still happy to have it on my nails after such a long time. And, believe me, I wasn't 'saving' my manicure, I was cooking, doing housework and other manicure unfriendly actions. I'm absolutely sure that such a long wearability is possible because of the transparent shiny nail top  from the same brand called Big Universo Brilho Cristal. These nail polish and glossy nail polish top are a perfect couple!

Overall, I'm very impressed with both nail polishes. mostly because of their durability and smooth application. In Brazil Big Universo Esmaltes is considered affordable and accessible drugstore brand, that´s why it is easy to fall in love with these nail polishes. Add to these advantages opaque creamy formula and durability and you'll get the perfect nail polish I can highly recommend! I'm definitely looking forward to pick up few more colors from the same line and hope they won´t disappoint me. #EUBRILHOBIG

What is your perfect everyday nail polish color?
Lots of love,
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