close-up of an opened Kawaii Box filled with adorable Korean and Japanese stuff

Hello, lovelies, how are you feeling today? I have a super-exciting unboxing video and blog post for all of you today! And no, it is not an unboxing of a regular beauty box, but a kawaii box. Kawaii Box is the monthly subscription boxes filled with the cutest little items from Japan and Korea. Usually, this little box includes cute stationery, sweets, squishy toys, and charms. So without further ado, let's take a look inside and find out what is in this Kawaii Box. By the way, you can check out my video to see all the items one by one from the better angels.

The reason why I'm unboxing and reviewing the November box in April of the next year is simple, my kawaii box came very late. I want to state, that the delayed arrival of the box was not a mistake of Kawaii Box, but a local post office, that's why my kawaii box took so much time to come. But the good things come to those who wait, and here it is! Everything was safely packed and none of the items was damaged during the shipping. Here is a full list of adorable items included in this Kawaii Box:

♥  Techi Techi Gomarachi Plush
♥  Kanahei Soft String Bag
♥  Gudetama Sticker Set
♥  Kasugai Chibi Vege Ramune Candies
♥  Rain Boot Ink Pen
♥  Let’s Go Mini Notebook
♥  Harajuku Food Hair Clips
♥  Twinkle Jewel Seal Deco Diamonds

close-up of an opened Kawaii Box filled with adorable Korean and Japanese stuff

Techi Techi Gomarachi Plush

So the very first item in the box is this cute baby seal toy. It is the biggest (around 24 cm.) and the cutest item in the box. This toy is made of the softest plush material and looks so adorable, you just want to squeeze and never release it out of your hugs. My baby seal is a girl, she wears a little white ribbon bow on her head and lives in my bed. She makes my long nights more cozy and warm!

close-up picture of a Kanahei Soft String Bag

Kanahei Soft String Bag

The next item is a plush pink bag to store all your cute little necessities. The bag is decorated with Usagi and the bird Piske print by a popular Japanese illustrator Kanahei. Her characters are always happy and I'm very glad to be able to take this cute masterpiece everywhere I go.

close-up of the Gudetema Sticker Set

Gudetema Sticker Set

Everybody knows lazy egg yolk Gudetama and his daily interactions with delicious food. This sticker set contains more than 20 different stickers on a transparent base and you can decorate your diary, notebook, or daily planner with them. I think I'm going to keep these stickers for now, but later I will decorate my food recipe book with Gudetama.

close-up of the Kasugai Chibi Vege Ramune Candies

Kasugai Chibi Vege Ramune Candies

The next item in my Kawaii box is Chibi Vege Candies made from real vegetables and fruit juice. My soda candies are sour and taste like real lemons! The little cute packaging makes them travel-friendly, so you can easily put them in your small purse and enjoy sweet and healthy candies on the go.

close-up of the Rain Boot Ink Pen

Rain Boot Ink Pen

I don't know how Kawaii Box guessed that I love cute stationery! The next kawaii item in the box is this black ink pen is wearing rain boots with a cute bear's face as a cap. This pen was born to write cute little love messages in the Let's go Mini Notebook. I wish I had this pen, when I was going to junior school, learning to write would be such a pleasure.

close-up of the Let's Go Mini Notebook

Let's Go Mini Notebook

I can write down different blogger information and my daily to-do list. I like that it is small enough to go into my small purse but big enough to be comfortable for writing and reading. I also like that it has a soft cover that is protected by plastic and holds the shape of this gorgeous notebook. The cover of this mini-notebook features a little girl drawing, wearing Pikachu pajamas, isn't she adorable?

close-up of the Harajuku Food Hair Clips

Harajuku Food Hair Clips

This item is a must-have for every Tumblr girl. The Harajuku Food Hair Clips includes three tiny hair clips decorated with a random pastel food. Such an adorable hair clip immediately raises a bad mood and makes your hairstyle kawaii. I got toast bread, a honey pot, and a hot dog, yummy!

close-up of the Twinkle Jewel Seal Deco diamonds

Twinkle Jewel Seal Deco Diamonds

And the very last, but, of course, not least item is this charming decorative diamond heart set. They work just like regular stickers but look just like a real jewel. I think I'm going to keep them and try to create makeup, featuring these diamond hearts. But you can use them to decorate books, diaries, cell phones, or even your laptop.

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