a close-up of a hand with natural long nails and goth black and purple nail look

I love dark and peculiar nail looks just as much as I love wearing dark makeup looks. Certainly, they go together well, creating a wholesome moody look. Black, dark gray, dark blue, and dark burgundy were my top four nail colors of choice. However, today we are not going to stop on something as basic as a color manicure, we are going to move a bit further and create an elegant, goth nail look with the help of the stamping technique.

What is Nail Stamping?

Nail stamping is an easy and fast way to give your nails an elaborate design with minimum effort. Anyone can pull it off, getting the most creative nail designs in seconds. Are you just starting to discover the world of nail polish? Not a problem, I'm sure you'll be able to stamp your nails like a pro, not without a quick practice, of course!

close-up of a nail stamping plate for goth nail designs

The reason, why I wanted to do a dark, Gothic-inspired design on my nails is pretty simple – I wanted to create a matching nail look for all of those Gothic makeup tutorials I create for this blog. The classic combo of black and purple is a wonderful choice for everything dark, but sophisticated. Of course, ideally, you'll need a set of long natural or fake nails, to make this goth nail look especially appealing, but on the short or medium length, it also looks great.

How to Do Black & Purple Goth Nail Look?

Before starting, I took some time to prepare my nails for future design. I removed the traces of the old nail polish I had, cut the dry part of a cuticle, and filed some of the nails down, to make them all more even. My nails are naturally textured, but it never bothered me much, so I don't buff them too strongly. If you like the surface of your nails to appear smoother, you can use a nail buffer. 

After this step – clean the surface of the nails with nail polish remover, apply a nail polish base of your choice, and move on to the black color. I usually apply two thin coats of black color, but, depending on the opacity of your nail polish, you may need only one or maybe three. Once the black color is on and dries it is time to move to the best part of this nail look – stamping. 

a close-up of a hand with natural long nails and goth black and purple nail look

Prepare the nail stamping plate, scraper, stamper, and synthetic brush. Apply the color to the design you like, spare the excess polish, and transfer it to the stamper. Then, gently but quickly press the stamper to the surface of the nail. That's it! Now, clean up the nail polish residue from the skin, and your black and purple goth nail look is done!

The plate I used for this goth nail look is called Decoration-L005 by Born Pretty*. It features 26 shapes, lines, and patterns for a charming and creative manicure. For today's black and purple goth nail look, I used all of the leafy motifs, mixing and layering them on top of the nails. The base of the look – is black glossy nail polish in the shade 'Black Tie' by Dailus and the stamping nail polish is called Candy Shannon by Born Pretty. I also used it in my Back-to-School Nails post and made a very cute pastel look with it!

Final Thoughts...

The stamping itself didn't turn out as neat and perfect, as I aimed it to be. Although, it doesn't look that bad, doesn't it? Instead of distinctive leafy shapes, I got something that looks more like a marble pattern, but I really like the way it looks. The black glossy nail polish serves as a perfect base for the contrasting purple color.

Together with this Gothic-inspired design, a very simple yet elegant everyday goth outfit will be a great style choice. Consider starting with a basic black ensemble as it will complement this striking nail and makeup of your choice. Opt for a comfortable black top and a pair of fitted black jeans or a flowing black skirt, depending on your preference. Accessorize with silver or pewter jewelry, such as statement rings, layered necklaces, and chunky bracelets, to amplify the Gothic vibes.

Complete the outfit with black combat boots or chunky platform shoes for a chic and practical finish. With your nails and makeup as the centerpiece, this simple yet stylish Gothic outfit will exude a confident and alluring aura.

Lots of love,

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