three women in a studio wearing shapewear swimsuits
Photo: Karolina Grabowska

Saying yes to the swimsuit could be as hard as saying yes to the dress. The task gets harder when you don't feel 100% comfortable with your looks, or if you have a curvy figure. What if there was a comfortable swimsuit, which backed you up as shapewear? What if it could give you a snatched body look in a matter of seconds: enhance your hourglass shape, provide tummy control, and even lift-up buttocks? Sounds like a fantasy, which has finally become a reality.

woman with curvy figure in a shapewear swimsuit

What is a Shapewear Swimsuit?

A body-shaping swimsuit combines two main functions: it provides you with comfort while you rest on a beach, swimming in the ocean, or tanning on a shore, plus – shaping and lifting your figure. Essentially, it is a figure-fitting piece of shapewear that you can wet and it won't get droopy or wrinkly!

Lately, more and more shapewear brands together with popular Skims and Miraclesuit released their versions of shapewear swimsuits, but, of course, you can save a few pennies if you buy your swimwear with wholesale shapewear suppliers.

woman on a beach wearing teal shapewear swimsuit

How to Pick the Best Shapewear Swimsuit?

The process of choosing the most comfortable and flattering shapewear swimsuit would be very similar to shopping for shapewear. Try prioritizing your own comfort and functionality of a piece over the looks to get the most of your swimwear. Stretchy fabrics, simple designs, and reinforced areas (tummy, hips, breast, and buttocks) will serve you longer and look better.

Remember, that your options are not limited to regular one-piece swimsuits just need to look carefully! There is a bunch of two-piece swimsuits with high-waist bottoms that will enhance your butt and flatter your tummy; tankini swimsuits that will provide extra support for breasts and control for the core. You will be able to find models with full sleeves and shorts! Isn't that incredible? This type of shapewear, which is also swimwear at the same time, will surely give you a desirable lift in seconds. No surgeries are required!

woman with curvy figure in a shapewear swimsuit

What are the Advantages of Shapewear Swimsuits?

Unlike any regular swimsuit that won't be able to provide the necessary control and support to particular areas, shapewear swimsuits are specially developed for this. This product is a true hero! Most body-shaping swimwear comes with an incorporated bra. It won't allow anything to sag or slip away while you are swimming. 

The waistline and tummy control are higher here, as they often come with a doubled-polyester insert. This will make your waistline curvy as Marilyn Monroe's was and allow you to forget about the tummy area (it is under strict control). 

Another huge thing – shapewear swimsuits dry in n time! Unlike regular shapewear that will lose its shape after getting wet and takes forever to dry, shapewear swimsuits dry super fast and can be used as a base for your casual beach outfit or pool party look. Try to experiment with it!

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