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Decluttering your wardrobe is a time-consuming and challenging process. It can be hard for many reasons, including emotional attachments to clothes or simply not wanting to make difficult fashion decisions. For many of us, wardrobe decluttering is almost impossible without a river of nostalgic tears and emotional landscapes. Additionally, some people may not have enough time or energy to declutter and organize their homes.

Regardless of negative emotions, organizing shouldn't be painful or heartbreaking. Especially with so many organizing tips and professional advice, we can all search for online. To spare you from googling, I've picked out 10 simple decluttering tips for your closet that will turn clutter into a tidy space. 

• Empty the Space

Start decluttering by completely emptying your closet. When your clothes are hidden in your closet, it can be easy to forget about certain pieces. Emptying all the drawers and shelves will allow you to see everything you own. It will also allow you to clean and vacuum the space. 

After a meticulous cleanse I strongly recommend you invest in some products that will protect your clothes from excess moisture and prevent the growth of mold. To protect the inner surface of the drawers cover it with sticky paper. It could be an original peel-and-stick paper like these monkey wallpaper or something less extraordinary.  Sticky paper is an easy and inexpensive way to give an old or plain-looking drawer a new look. 

• Sorting Time

Now it is time to sort your clothes into piles. Create one pile of clothes that you love and wear regularly. These pieces must be in good condition, and they also must fit with your personal style. The second pile is for clothes that are okay but are not your favorite. And the third one – for clothes that you never wear or don't fit you.

Sorting your clothing will also help you to identify patterns, colors, or trends in your wardrobe. For example, you may realize that you have a lot of tops but very few bottoms, or that you tend to wear certain colors or styles more often than others. 

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• Ruthless Decisions

Some of us may have a hard time letting go of clothing because we have an emotional attachment to them. However, it is important to understand the importance of wardrobe decluttering. It is always rewarding and relieving in the end. By taking the time to declutter, you can create a more organized and functional living space, reduce stress, and make it easier to find and enjoy the things that you love. 

• One Piece In, One Out

When organizing your wardrobe, consider implementing the "one in, one out" ruleThis is a minimalist organizing strategy that involves getting rid of an item every time you bring a new one into your home. This means that for every new piece of clothing you bring into your closet, you have to get rid of one that you no longer wear. 

• Invest in Storage Solutions

Another thing that will help you to better organize your wardrobe is investing in high-quality storage. It is a specially useful tip if you keep stumbling upon small accessories and clothing pieces like socks and belts. Using smart storage solutions helps you to keep your clothes in perfect order. Here are a few useful storage ideas you can implement:

Hangers: Hangers are a simple and effective way to store clothing. You can use different types of hangers, such as wooden hangers, plastic hangers, or padded hangers, depending on the type of clothing you are hanging.

Drawer organizers: Drawer organizers are my personal favorites! They can be used to separate and organize clothing inside the drawers (dressers and wardrobes). You can use small dividers to separate socks, underwear, and other small items.

Storage bins: Use them to store clothing that is out of season or that you don't wear very often. Bins can be placed on shelves or under the bed and are a good option for storing bulkier items like jackets and sweaters.

Closet organizers: For creating additional storage space in your closet implement closet and over-the-door organizers. Hang them on the door or on the wall of your closet to keep your clothes organized and easily accessible.

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• Donate, Giveaway, and Recycle

Simplifying your wardrobe and getting rid of clothes you don't wear anymore are the essential steps for the ultimate wardrobe cleanse. Instead of letting unwanted clothing take up space in your closet, give them to someone who will actually use them.

Donating clothes to charities can also be a great way to give back to the community,  making a positive impact. Recycling, reusing, or donating unwanted clothing extends its lifespan, reducing the demand for new clothing to be produced. This is a sustainable and environmentally friendly idea to make room for new clothes.

• How About Capsule Wardrobe

Now that you have gone through every piece of clothing you possess and cleaned up some space it is time to ponder on your future fashion strategies. How do you plan to keep your closet well-organized? I suggest you consider the capsule wardrobe concept. In one of my previous posts, I have already mentioned the capsule wardrobe collection and talked about how to build a capsule wardrobe easily.

Essentially, a capsule wardrobe is a curated collection of versatile, high-quality clothes. They can be mixed and matched to create a variety of fashion looks. By limiting yourself to a small number of carefully chosen pieces, you can make it easier to get dressed every morning and live without clutter.

• Consider Your Lifestyle

One of the basic rules for wardrobe planning is to consider your lifestyle. You have to think about the types of clothes you need for your daily activities. Be honest with yourself about what you wear and what you don't. Only keep comfortable clothes and fit your personal style. Don't forget to analyze the climate and weather where you live. 

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• Reassess Your Wardrobe Regularly

Decluttering your wardrobe once or twice a year will not be enough to keep it organized. It is best to regularly reassess your clothing collection, simplifying and reducing its size from time to time. The more often you will do that, the more organized your fashion arsenal will be. Make it a habit to go through your closet every few weeks or months.

Let's summarize...

Wardrobe decluttering can be quite a challenging task, but the benefits always overflow all the negativity that surrounds the process. It is nice to be able to easily find everything you need and make better use of the clothes you already have. Some say it even helps with confidence and shows in your appearance. What do you think?

Hopefully, by implementing these useful decluttering tips and strategies, you'll be able to create a highly functional, organized space. This will surely save you time, and money and even relieve you from unnecessary stress. Decluttering your closet is an ongoing process, but there is a charm to it!

Lots of love,