four single eyeshadows by mac cosmetics on the fur

I can't believe it has been almost a year since I've started my continual Mac Cosmetics Customizable Palette quest. As it turned out, it is not as easy to buy all the eyeshadow colors you want and needs to fill in your beloved palette—most of the basic colors, which I needed for my collection were not available at times. Therefore, I had to wait long months before I had an opportunity to purchase long-awaited gems for the palette. Waiting is always the hardest, but still, I managed to survive this period, and finally caught them all (all that I wanted) for my palette.

Meet and greet my accomplished Mac Cosmetics Pro Palette featuring 15 beautiful single eyeshadow colors: Vanilla [Velvet], Malt [Matte], Quarry [Matte], Espresso [Matte], Embark [Matte], Sable [Frost]; Beauty Marked [Velvet], Carbon [Matte], Brule [Satin], Nylon [Frost], Nylon [Frost], Steamy [Frost], Rule [Matte], Phloof! [Frost] & Greensmoke [Lustre]. The last four inmates were the latest addition in the collection, hence, we are going to talk about them in today's post.

a close-up of mac cosmetics swatches on the light skin complexion

Steamy [Frost]

I would like to start with, probably, the brightest color in the whole palette. A flirty name Steamy perfectly describes the sparkling finish and refreshing appeal of the shade—it has a color of an ocean wave, warm and duochrome. On the official Mac's website, it is described as a bluish-green shade with gold pearls. The golden pearls add warmth to the cool green base and create a beautiful frosty finish. Steamy is a perfect color for an evening, smokey eye look, and it can be used on both white and black bases, depending on the desired final result.

Rule [Matte]

The Rule is the most colorful eyeshadow by Mac I own at the moment. At first, I wanted to build a palette with only basic colors, and most of the shades picked by me are pretty basic—nudes, browns, and blacks. But, on second thought, I decided to add an accent color, that will emphasize the color of my eyes. The rule is exactly what I needed for this need! Bright, warm, and matte, described as vivid orange, this color radiates autumnal vibes. This eyeshadow is finely milled, so it perfectly blends on the skin into nothingness, leaving a smooth, matte finish.

mac singe eyeshadows are laying on the fur

Phloof! [Frost]

After trying Nylon eyeshadow by Mac I simply had to purchase another frosty highlighting shade. If Nylon had a warm, very pale tone with a touch of gold, Phloof! is a frosted off-white color with a cool-rosy undertone. I guess it will be my second favorite highlighter for brow bone and the inner corners of my eyes. And, as always, frosty eyeshadows by Mac blend easily and seamlessly on the skin, you have to try them yourself!

Greensmoke [Lustre]

A single luster finishes in my collection. I bought it because many bloggers and Youtubers praised lustre eyeshadows by Mac Cosmetics, so I wanted to make my own mind about it. Described as tarnished olive, Greensmoke is a dusty-green color with tiny reflective particles and a neutral undertone. Lustre eyeshadows are just as easy to blend as frosty colors, they have a luscious finish. Greensmoke is a very attractive eyeshadow color, in my opinion, it will look especially beautiful on green and brown eyes. 

a close-up of an eyeshadow pro palette by mac cosmetics filled with single eyeshadow pans

Well, it was a very interesting year-long makeup quest. I'm happy to collect almost all of the shades I wanted to try. Hopefully, shortly, I will be able to hit the pan and free some space for some new eyeshadow colors. To make sure that all of these beautiful shades last as long as claimed, I also purchased Pro Longwear Paint Pot by Mac in shade 'Painterly', check out the full review with before and after swatches with this eyeshadow primer and without it. And what about you, lovelies? Have you ever tried Mac eyeshadows and if you have, what are your favorite colors? I will be happy to try them too!

Lots of love,