a sample-sized strobe cream by mac is laying on top of the faux fur

What are the first three adjectives that come into your mind, when you think about beautiful skin? Healthy, even, and glowing? If the first two issues are solvable with a balanced diet and skincare routine, a glowing effect on the skin may be hard to achieve, especially if you have a pale and dull complexion. Luckily, the makeup industry has provided an instant solution for makeup lovers, who want that desirable 'glass skin' appeal.

Some time ago I purchased my very first foundation by Mac Cosmetics, it was an iconic Studio Fix Fluid in shade NC 10 and this petite miniature of the full-sized moisturizer came as a sample in my package. So, I've decided to give it a thorough test drive and share my experience with all of you, lovelies. Let's find out if the Mac Cosmetics Illuminating Strobe Cream is great in action.

I got a classic shade of the cream with a cute name 'Pinklite', which has a faintly discernible cool luminescence and very lightweight moisturizing effect. It appears more prominent under the artificial light and shows pastel pink and lavender hues. 

The best thing about the Strobe Cream is its diverse way of application—overall, there are three different ways you can use to apply it to your skin. For a barely-there glow, apply the Strobe Cream under the foundation; for a prominent highlighting effect apply the cream directly to the skin with the help of your fingertips and for in-between results mix it together with the BB cream or foundation. Mac Cosmetics also suggests trying multiple shades on the skin to reach an amusing ombré skin glow.

close-up of a Pinklite strobe cream by mac cosmetics on a light skin

Another pleasantly surprising feature—the list of vitamins and oils, mixed into this illuminating cocktail. There is Green Tea Leaf Extract, which is known for its anti-aging properties, Mulberry Root Extract which lightens up discolorations and acts as an antioxidant, and, of course, a skin-friendly Jojoba Seed Oil that moisturizes skin and reduces the appearance of fine lines. Don't you like it when your makeup products have a skincare property as well?

Can you find a more affordable option? Definitely! There are a bunch of illuminating moisturizers that provide a similar glowing effect to the skin. For example, I have recently purchased an illuminating body lotion by Johnson's. It provides a long-lasting moisturizing effect without oily residue and coats the skin with a very subtle golden shimmer. 

The 200-ml bottle of Johnson's body lotion was only around $3.5. If you are interested, I can share a more detailed review with swatches on this body lotion. And, also, some time ago I reviewed an incredible Golden Ratio liquid highlighter with an identical radiant effect, but with the warmer peachy finish.

a sample-sized strobe cream by mac is laying on top of the faux fur

In my opinion, people with normal and oily skin types, who want to deliver a touch of fine illuminating effect to the skin, without overloading it with grease and shimmer, will love Mac's Illuminating Strobe Cream. It is available in five charming shades: the original Pinklite, Goldlite, Peachlite, Redlite, and Silverlite. All of these shades provide a super-light glow, almost unnoticeable, so if you like screaming highlighters and want to shine bright like a star, you won't be satisfied with the finish. Do you like using liquid highlighters? What is your favorite highlighting product at the moment?

Lots of love,