close-up of an opened makeup powder by mac cosmetics

How essential is powder in your makeup routine? I'm asking just because I can't imagine doing my makeup, without a light touch of face powder. It is like a final accord, that sums up the whole makeup symphony. My usual product of choice was always a finely milled translucent powder, as it gives you the most control over the application process. You can grab as much product as you need with a powder brush or puff, dusting it over your cheeks and eyes. Pressed powder, on the other hand, has its own advantage, and we are going to talk about it in today's post. 

After my previous translucent powder came to an end, I've finally decided to get myself dearly loved, and widely-used by makeup professionals and makeup lovers the Blot makeup powder by Mac Cosmetics in the 'Light' shade. Unlike some translucent powders, it comes tightly pressed and packed into a sturdy black case with a compact mirror inside, which definitely makes it more convenient on the go. Let's take a closer look at this gem, and find out if it is as long-lasting and skin-friendly as claimed.

If you are hunting for a full-coverage foundation, that will hide every pore of your face under a heavy layer of pigment, then Mac's Blot powder is not your candidate. Its sheer, veil-like coverage gives your skin little to no color and texture, as a result, you get a very natural finish. Hence, if natural is not where you go at this moment, then opt for a product that provides a more visible coating. But, if the subtle non-cakey look is what you are aiming for, you are going to love using this powder.

close-up of mac cosmetics blot pressed powder on top of a fluffy rug

The whole idea behind Mac's Blot powder is to quickly set your foundation and concealer or touch up oily face areas during the day, not to give you a whole new complexion. The three main claims on the Mac Cosmetics website are oil control, non-acnegenic formula, and handy usage for quick touch-ups and all three are completely true. It definitely controls the excessive oils on the face, mattifying the greasy areas and keeping the shine away. 

If you have an acne-prone skin type that easily clogs with makeup then it is a powder for you. Because of its sheer nature, this powder feels "barely there" on the skin, so it lets your skin breathe freely. Yet, it may still emphasize some dry skin patches, so keep your skin scrubbed for a better finish. And a few words about easy touch-ups. Unlike translucent powder that needs a whole ritual surrounding the application, the Blot Powder by Mac will take a minute of your time.

Texture & Coverage

From five available colors: deep dark, dark, medium-dark, medium, and light, I stopped my choice of the light shade. It seems to fit my skin tone the best. The texture of the powder is smooth, and silky to the skin. It has almost no scent, just a mild, slightly sweet cosmetic fragrance. Once applied to the skin, components like Dimethicone and Silica, fill in pores and fine lines, minimizing their appearance. I have dry, or combination skin type, and don't suffer from an excessive amount of face oil. Therefore, one application of powder lasts well four to six hours. Though o a hot, or humid day, I need to touch up my face during the day. So, the actual oil-control benefits of Mac's Blot powder are going to vary depending on skin type and weather conditions.

close-up of an opened makeup powder by mac cosmetics

Application & Finish

The thing I love most about this powder is the flawless, airbrushed look it gives to my face. I actually was very surprised, as I wasn't expecting such doll-like appeal from sheer powder. For my daily makeup, I wear light to medium coverage BB creams, that are full of moisture and feel (and act) like a regular moisturizer. So, my face and up look dewy but pretty natural, as they hide neither texture nor color. A touch of Blot Powder on my skin does wonders to the final look of my makeup. It smoothes out and sets BB cream and concealer, summarizing the whole makeup base. Of course, you have to apply it in a certain way to get the best results.

A sponge-applicator, that comes with the Blot powder, is very useful when it comes to blotting your skin. You won't get the same results with bigger powder puffers or brushes. For a great air-brushed finish you'll need exactly this puff. First, blot the fluffy side of the buff on the surface of the powder, grabbing a small amount of powder. Then transfer the product onto your skin, starting on the oiliest areas of your face (cheek, nose, chin, and forehead). Continue pressing the product into the skin with the puffer, slowly building up the coverage. You'll love the final, flawless but subtle look.

The Takeaway

Summing up my today's review, I would like to talk about the versatility of this powder. Unlike most loose powders, which emphasize skin imperfections and overall feel heavy on the skin, Mac's Blot powder provides completely different results. It is very versatile and can be used on oily or dry, mature or young skin, for setting or blotting purposes. For the price, you'll receive 12 g/0,42 oz o Blot powder is going to last a very long time. And what are your thoughts, lovelies? Do you prefer pressed or loose powder?

Lots of love,