woman with dyed edgy mullet haircut is posing in front of a big mirror
Photo: Goth Egg

Last year the mullet hair trend took over Instagram and TikTok, displacing any other newly-appeared hair trend. The popularity of mullet haircuts keeps growing, bringing up modern variations and styling options. Some say this haircut is popular because of the retro-boom, while others claim it's because mullets look casual from the front, but have a party-like backyard. Well, I can’t agree less!

Both short and long mullet haircuts are very practical in the summer. The short fringe and top part keep the stubborn hair away from the face. Although, the long hair on the back may need a more appropriate summer styling. But today we are not going to talk about mullet’s practicality. Instead, we are going to pick the color of your dream hair.

Here are 10 colorful ideas for your mullet haircut that fit perfectly with the upcoming summer hotness. From fabulous lime-green, ideal for hot weather, to cooling cobalt-blue, and exciting bubblegum pink. Hopefully, these colorful mullets are going to inspire you for a dramatic hair makeover. And don't forget to check out one of my previous mullet hair trend alert posts for more hair inspiration.

woman with dyed edgy mullet haircut is posing

1. Cherry-red Mullet

How about adding some mouth-watering cherries to your hair? The juicy and flamboyant color of cherries pairs wonderfully with feathered layers of the mullet haircut. You can keep your roots dark, blending them seamlessly with the cherry-red length. This hair coloring technique will save you from constant root retouching.

woman with dyed edgy mullet haircut is posing

2. Lime-Green Mullet

If you want to give your natural hair a bright summer makeover, you should try a refreshing shade of lime-green. This blinding color is exactly what you need during a hot, stuffy summer day. Together with a relaxed mullet hairstyle, you’ll get an instant head-turning and jaw-dropping effect on everyone around you.

woman with dyed edgy mullet haircut is posing
Photo: @salsalhair

3. Bubblegum Pink Mullet

Why opt for softness, if you can dye your mullet hair all over with one bold color? Don’t think twice and choose a bright, bubblegum pink. This sweet shade of pink together with a mullet haircut was born under the same lucky star and goes together just like toast and marmalade. Another big advantage of this hair color — it is ideal for summertime.

woman with dyed edgy mullet haircut is posing in a car

4. Mustard Yellow Mullet

Vibrant and daring, the mustard shade of yellow is going to take your mullet haircut to the next level of edginess. Dye your mullet all over, or add a few goldish-yellow highlights to add visual volume to your hair. If attention is all you need this summer, the mustard yellow mullet will provide it with abundance.

woman with dyed edgy mullet haircut is posing on plain background

5. Cobalt-blue Mullet

Saturated cobalt-blue is one of the hardest pigments to get rid of, but you will never go back to boring hair colors once you go for it. Add a matching blue eyebrow, bold blue makeup, and some texture to your mullet, and you’ll get yourself the perfect summer look.

woman with dyed edgy mullet haircut is posing on brick background
Photo: Meredith Allen

6. Magenta and Violet Mullet

No need to stop your choice of one color this summer, if you can choose two! I’m in love with this magenta-violet mullet, and it looks stunning on shaggy hair. Add a few relaxed waves to your mullet, and finish the hairstyle with a salt spray. Separate the waves with fingers and your hair is ready!

woman with dyed edgy mullet haircut is posing on plain background

7. Lavender Mullet

Lavender is one of my favorite colors. And even though it feels more appropriate for the spring, it works just as good for the beginning of the summer. Lavender can be soft and romantic or be more deep and evocative. It all depends on the level of saturation and your hairstyle. Lavender mullet with subtle, natural-looking waves will bring freshness to your summer look without weighing it down.

woman with dyed edgy mullet haircut is posing on brick background
Photo: @charlenefernandezhair

8. Peach Mullet

The sweet and mellow color of peach is the first thing that comes to my mind when I think of summer. The key to the next hair look is a subtle, warm-toned color, mixed with a few lighter highlights on the top, and a deeper shade underneath. Such a multilayered game of shades will give a dimension to your mullet haircut.

woman with dyed edgy mullet haircut is posing on plain background
Photo: Tacobella 

9. Baby-pink Mullet

The next hair color is perfect for any time of the year, but I picked it out for summer, as it reminds me of cotton candy and the season of festivals. You can go wrong by picking up this color for your mullet. It not only softens up the features but also adds up a natural 'glow' to your skin.

woman with dyed edgy mullet haircut is posing in the bathroom
Photo: @scaredy.cat

10. Spicy-orange Mullet

And, lastly, I invite you to enjoy the hot and spicy orange color. It is the trendiest hair shade of this summer, and you should go for it without any second thoughts. If dark copper is associated with fall and fits with the colder time of the year, then the screaming orange color is going to fit your summer mullet hair perfectly.

Lots of love,