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Bags can make or break an outfit. Women must have multiple purses in their arsenal to spruce up their ensemble. Additionally, more than complementing a fashion statement, using the right office bag can inspire you to perform your best and be confident at the same time, regardless if you're a boss lady or not.

So, whether donning a quirky sling bag or a leather backpack, seize every opportunity to make every workday your kind of day. There are multiple work bag options you buy at various price points. Here are some of them:

Work Bag Type #1: Totes

Totes come in all shapes, sizes, and materials and are considered workhorses in the bag industry. Often hung over the shoulders or arms, totes can carry anything from notebooks to laptops, earning them the moniker, 'carryall bags.' Work totes may come in canvas, leather, nylon, cotton, or polyester. Some are oversized, which can be folded, while others come in average sizes, perfect for petite women. Structured totes perfectly house tablets and laptops.

Because you can put everything inside them without worries, carryalls are perfect if you're a busy woman who loves to squeeze in a few errands between breaks. Leather totes can be paired with any outfit; you don't have to worry about having them while wearing a power suit or casual jeans for work.

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Work Bag Type #2: Travel Bags

If work requires you to travel often, weekender bags can help you breeze through it like a pro. A travel bag can carry your work essentials, like documents and laptops, makeup bags, toiletries, and a change of clothes. Having it on your side is a lifesaver if your luggage arrives late for some reason.

When choosing a travel bag, ensure it complies with the airline's carry-on measurements. Also, opt for one crafted from lightweight, durable, and water-repelling materials. Having one with these qualities can protect your stuff more effectively.

Work Bag Type #3: Bucket Bags

Bucket bags typically come in structured shapes, and their sophistication is unparalleled. This roomy sack can carry multiple work items without difficulties. And like other work bags, they come in a wide variety of materials, including cotton, canvas, and designer bags crafted from animal leather. If you're carrying a soft and fragile item, you'd want this bag to protect it with its secure base.

When choosing a bucket office bag, choose one with an inner zip pocket. This helps keep and protect your valuables. While its drawstring closure keeps your items secure, it helps to have another layer of protection to be sure.

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Work Bag Type #4: Backpack Bags

Who says backpacks are for exclusive use by students? Backpacks make good workbags because you can use them hands-free. They're roomy, no matter what size they are. Don't hesitate to load it with multiple work essentials and still have space to squeeze in your makeup kit.

Leather backpacks present added elegance. So, use them when wearing a skirt and blouse ensemble. If you're a jeans and shirt gal, rucksacks in canvas, polypropylene, and nylon are good enough to carry loads without weighing you down.

Work Bag Type #5: Top-Handle Bags

Top-handle bags are also typically structured and keep a sturdy look—making them a staple for working women across the globe. This classic sack has designer houses carrying them in different shapes, sizes, and styles through the years. No 'It-woman' has ever been snapped without carrying this fashion-forward work bag.

Their versatility is also a significant draw. While these purses are great for the office, top handle bags can also be used during night outs when you want to party after five. Because of their timeless appeal, top handle bags can go with working women of any age. Whether you lean toward vintage fashion or contemporary appeal, these bags are your go-to.

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Work Bag Type #6: Gym Bags

Prioritizing your health is paramount in these challenging times. Even Hollywood stars have been spotted going out and about wearing athleisure clothing. And this fashion trend shows no signs of slowing down.

Gym bags are your best friend if you're keen on going to the gym after work. Most of these types are convertible, with many designs that can be used as backpacks. You can also use them as sling bags that make them work-appropriate.

Work Bag Type #7: Sling Bags

Sling and crossbody bags are returning after more than a decade of hiatus. As a 90s staple, these versatile and multi-carry purses can be hung over or across your shoulder. Some sling bags also have top handles, making them usable sans the long straps.

Satchels are most valuable to busy women who want to keep documents and several other things needed in the office in one place. Moreover, sling bags allow for hand-free use. This makes them ideal work bags for women who need their phones often.

The Takeaway

Work bags are not just accessories. They can help you perform tasks easier and more comfortably. Whether you want it simple or eye-catching, office bags must be chosen for both function and style. In doing so, you'll be able to tackle different tasks and still have room for your out-of-office activities.

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