City Color Cosmetics Tinted Brow Gel In 'Taupe' is laying on a furry rug

Two major pillars hold the makeup industry and dominate Instagram trends: plump lips and refined eyebrows. Thankfully, with the help of only a few makeup products, we can easily reach the desirable plump lip shape and the outstanding bushy eyebrow look

Well-sharpened pencil, a firm synthetic brush, and a tiny drop of concealer are regular companions of my eyebrow routine, these products shape and fill in the space between my sparse hairs. But the final note in eyebrow symphony always belongs to an eyebrow gel. 'Taupe' is a tinted eyebrow gel by City Color Cosmetics and in my today's post, I'm going to review this little gem.

About City Color Cosmetics Tinted Eyebrow Gel

The Tinted Brow Gel* has six natural color options: Blonde, Auburn, Chocolate, Taupe, Ash Brown, and Ebony. I had an opportunity to try the shade called Taupe, which is a medium brown-gray color with a neutral undertone. Based on my natural eyebrow color and my hair color, the Ash Brown shade would suit me much better, but I plan to dye my hair shortly, and, hopefully, Taupe will suit my new look better than now. 

City Color Cosmetics Tinted Brow Gel In 'Taupe' is laying on a furry rug

  • Package and texture

The Tinted Brow Gel by City Color comes with a comfy medium-sized brow wand, it is shorter than a mascara wand and easy to manipulate. The brow gel itself has a pleasant creamy texture - neither runny nor thick. It is easy to color through the eyebrows with the gel, covering every hair with a product.

Even though the Taupe shade wasn't the best for my hair at the moment, the formula of Tinted Brow Gel is something I absolutely adore and idolize! First of all, it is waterproof, so even on the hottest and sweetest summer day eyebrows won't disappear from the face. Secondly, the product is water-based and feels like nothing on the skin. 

a close-up of the City Color Cosmetics Tinted Brow Gel In 'Taupe' swatched on a light skin

Unlike different eyebrow gels and some mascara, which leave your poor lashes and brows feeling like they are covered with frost, this eyebrow gel feels and looks very natural. It stays put all day long, despite the weather conditions, and diligently does its job by holding the hair in place. 

  • How to Use Eyebrow Gel?

I like to apply it to my eyebrows right after I finish shaping and filling them with color, lightly brushing through the hair upwards. The color is opaque enough to block off my natural brown hairs, which are a few tones darker than taupe, so you won't even need to use an eyebrow pencil beforehand. 

Clearly, the eyebrow wand is less precise than an eyebrow pencil or brush, so you won't get a well-defined sharp eyebrow shape, but eyebrows filled only with a tinted brow gel always look more natural and daytime-appropriate.

a close-up of the City Color Cosmetics Tinted Brow Gel In  shade called 'Taupe'

Final Verdict...

Eyebrow gel is an important makeup product, especially if you weren't blessed with naturally dense and dark eyebrows or your eyebrow hair has an untamed temper. The Tinted Eyebrow Gel by City Color is super easy to use – one light swipe leaves you with naturally-looking eyebrows. No discomforting stiffness, stickiness, flaking, or smudging, only a pleasant experience, and gorgeous-looking eyebrow makeup. The eyebrow gel won't break your budget, so it is definitely a product worth trying, isn't it? Do you use an eyebrow gel to keep your brows in place?

Lots of love,