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The end of August and the first days of September are usually characterized by stuffy and sunny days, unexpected temperatures dropping, and sudden rainfalls. All these weather marks mean only one thing - the Autumn equinox is going to happen just in a little while, bringing the real coldness and brisk winds. The good news — Halloween is just around the corner, the bad - summer-friendly chiffon fabrics won't protect you from the upcoming autumn chill. But, with the well-planned styling, right accessories, and proper layering you can easily transmit your beloved summer garments into autumn-ready outfits.

vintage flare dress on a blue background diptych

Layers & Stockings

Dressing in between the two seasons can be very tricky, especially if you build your everyday looks around vintage dresses, though there is one win-win trick, that will keep you comfortable during this period of the year. The secret is to choose natural, medium-weight fabrics, which you can effortlessly layer over with thin, medium-sleeved cardigans, see-through tunics, and furry vests. Prefer wearing a knee-length dress during the day? Then don't forget to stock up with nylon stocking and knee-high socks in nude shades, that fit your natural skin color. The more subtle is your hosiery, the better.

vintage deep green lace dress diptych

Knitted Dresses

You don't have to sacrifice your style and femininity in the name of autumn, because a knitted dress is a must-have item in everyone's wardrobe, even if you are addicted to all things vintage. Knitted, yet lightweight material like mohair is a great alternative to silk and cotton and you can wear it even when the weather is hot. Wear such a knitted dress with sheer booties and accentuate the waist with a fine vintage metal belt. You can wear such an outfit for a casual meeting or dinner party. Need a polka-dot party inspiration? Take a look at Vintage Polka Dots Party dresses video and dip up some outfit ideas.

vintage floral flare dress diptych on blue backgrounds

Scarves & Mittens 

And, of course, the autumn-ready outfit won't be complete without a pair of fingerless mittens and a gauze scarf. These subtle accessories can be easily taken off in case of an unanticipated heatwave or sunshine. and who said you can't wear your black cat sunglasses with mittens? In my humble opinion, it is a perfect summer to the autumn ensemble! Flare retro dress, pointy toe half-boots, and striped stocking will finish the look. What do you think, lovelies?

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