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Our skin is the outer 'layer' of our body or 'shield' that protects organs from various external factors. As a result of such interaction, these numerous reasons may cause our skin to lose its elasticity. Dramatic weight loss, aging, and even some genetic syndromes — these are just some of the major causes. In such cases, regular exercise and healthy diets are not able to reverse the changes in the layers of the skin. However, a tummy tuck procedure is a way to 'repair' the loose abdominal skin. The plastic surgeon removes the excess skin and fat, making the weakened muscles tighter. But, how to tell if you are the right candidate for an abdominoplasty?

#1. You have loose skin around your abdomen

One way to qualify for this procedure is to have excess skin around your abdomen area. The excess skin can be due to several reasons, but you need to consult with a plastic surgeon if you are a candidate to have a tummy tuck. So, by making an incision to perform the tummy tuck procedure, the plastic surgeon will help conduct the tummy tuck procedure. If you do not have excess skin, it causes tension in the scar, causing your skin to look stretched and not as beautiful as you may hope. And you can get a full or partial tummy tuck. Thus, if your excess skin is below the belly button, you can still have a partial tummy tuck.

#2. You lost a significant amount of weight or had a baby

Both obesity and pregnancy cause damage to the abdominal muscles and stretch the skin around your belly area. This is because the damage to the skin and muscles was permanent. Even after reaching a healthy weight range or delivering the baby, the tissues still hang loosely around your belly area. If this is the case, a tummy tuck will come in handy to repair the tissues, and your body reflects an accurate and healthy weight range.

#3. You have overall good health

Anyone with serious underlying health issues is not a good candidate for a tummy tuck. It may be a low-risk procedure, but you still need to be in good health. Plus, because you will be under sedation with general anesthesia, you must have a healthy heart and lungs. Also, if you have connective tissue disorders and autoimmune disorders, it can cause problems with the healing process. So, before you undergo the procedure, discuss with your doctor about your skin if it develops thick raised scars.

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#4. Your expectations for the surgery are realistic

Anyone going through the tummy tuck procedure needs to understand that it is not a weight loss surgery. It has a remarkable impact on your self-confidence and your appearance. Also, as a patient, you need to know after surgery, you will face a significant amount of recovery time, and your results will appear slowly as you progress to heal. Thus eat a healthy diet to maintain the results of your tummy tuck, together with a regular exercise routine. So, if you commit to a healthy lifestyle, you are a good candidate for this procedure.

#5. You don’t plan to get pregnant or lose more weight

Are you planning to have more children? If yes, the tummy tuck is not for you, and future pregnancies will affect the results of your tummy tuck, and you will need another procedure to restore the results of the first tummy tuck. But, if you have an unexpected pregnancy after a tummy tuck procedure, you do not have to worry. The tummy tuck procedure will not affect the health of your baby. Also, before the tummy tuck procedure, you should be within at least 15 pounds of your ideal weight. You should not lose more weight after the tummy tuck procedure and negate the results due to more excess skin.

To conclude, if you fit the above criteria of an ideal tummy tuck candidate, find a cosmetic surgeon who has experience in tummy tucks procedures. The surgeon will answer all the questions you might have and any concerns you may be having. Also, they will determine if you are indeed the right candidate for the procedure. Visit various cosmetic surgeons in your area and discuss how you can achieve health and the trim figure you desire.

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