5 casual outfits to inspire you incorporate menwear in your womans wardrobe
Photo: Tima Miroshnichenko

Growing up, I've always been more of a tomboy, rather than a girly princess. I have never loved all things pink and tulle but dreamed of camouflage cargo pants and the iconic Lara Croft's teal top.  Of course, later in life, I learned to love and appreciate feminine clothing. I even find dresses more comfortable than jeans (people from the southern hemisphere will relate). Still, menswear will always have a special place in my fashion purgatory. 

Unlike versatile unisex fashion, men's clothing was specially developed for men, with masculine sizing and figure proportions in mind. This simply means that such pieces usually fit men better, but it doesn't mean that women can't wear menswear. Fashion knows no boundaries, or does it? If there are still some boundaries left, the next year 2022 will continue dissolving them. And for now, I want to show you five cool ways you can wear menswear as a woman effortlessly and with style. Let's begin?

5 casual outfits to inspire you incorporate menwear in your womans wardrobe
Photo: Romeo Delos Santos

Look #1: Baggy High Waisted Pants + Crop Top + White Sneakers

So, let's imagine you were shopping for hours and hours in the women's department but found the perfect color block pants men's in the men's section. You can either forget about the baggy pants trend or find a way to pull them off. But, when it comes to pants, remember that women have naturally wider hips, so buying without trying the piece on might not turn out well. Take a few models and sizes that theoretically might fit you, and don't be shy trying as many as you need. You'll be surprised to find the perfect pair of baggy pants in the men's section. Don't forget to get a nice-fitting belt to hold the men's pants in place.

Look #2: Oversized Blazer + Mini Skirt or Dress

The second piece doesn't need an extra presentation. Who doesn't wear an oversized blazer? With skinny jeans, high-waist pants, an office skirt, and cycling shorts. If men's pants may fit your figure, or not, the oversized blazer is more forgiving. I suggest you consider the miniskirt or knit dress layered over with an oversized men's jacket or a blazer. To make it look more feminine, wear a thin belt on your waist, leaving the blazer open. 

5 casual outfits to inspire you incorporate menwear in your womans wardrobe

Look #3: Silky Kimono Shirt + High Waisted Latex Skirt

How about something semi-casual, chick, but classy at the same time? The men's kimono shirt might be a centerpiece of your next outfit. The classic combination of sleek black latex skirt, and trending fiery-red kimono shirt, paired with combat boots. If the loose shirt seems too large on your thin frame, try tucking one or another side into the high-waisted skirt. A front tuck is a great alternative to the belt. It makes the large piece of clothing more figure-fitting without adding extra fashion 'information' to the look.

Look #4: White Button-Up Shirt + Vest + Jeans

At this point, the men's white button-up shirt can be considered one of the women's essential pieces. It is simple in styling, affordable, and can be purchased in any clothing store. Let's assume you found the perfect button-up shirt, the size is fitting, the collar is neat, what do you do next? Well, now it is time to find a knit vest, in the men's section for a full genuineness. A pair of boyfriend jeans, and, maybe, a pair of very classic pumps will complete the look.

5 casual outfits to inspire you incorporate menwear in your womans wardrobe
Photo: Oleg Magni

Look #5: Plush Jacket + Skinny Jeans + Ugly Sneakers

The plush is trending, so why invest in two separate pieces for you, and your significant other, when you can borrow his style. Get a light-brown men's plush fleece jacket, the one that reminds you of teddy bear's coat the most, a pair of white skinny pants, and the ugly sneakers (are they still relevant?). This look is both relaxed and yet very wearable. It is ideal for those days when you don't feel like dressing-up, yet need an outfit that looks well-planned. 

Of course, the division between men's and women's clothing is mostly nominal at this point. However, if you still feel like something holds you back from making a huge fashion leap towards finding your style, this might be just what you need. There are a bunch of fashion hacks that will help you to make masculine clothes look feminine on you if is that what you need. This may be a way to more sustainable living or just a way of finding your style.

Lots of love,