two people in mardi gras carnival costume posing on the street
Photo: Pascal Riben

Are you ready for Mardi Gras? Mardi Gras is like no other global festival so you need to take note of particular factors that are unique to it. To enjoy it more and ensure that you truly have a grand time, do take note of the following things to consider! Purple, green, and gold – here we go!

1. Mardi Gras Weather

Mardi Gras is celebrated every Tuesday before a year’s Ash Wednesday. In 2022, it will be on March 1. You need to take note of this as you would need to prepare for the weather. New Orleans weather can be tricky around those days so it’s best to have a plan should it be rainy or ultra hot. It could also get very cold. For such a tricky case, you should have the following:

  • Umbrella – pretty handy as it can rain during the parade

  • Raincoat – will allow you to easily move around

  • Jacket – for when the temperature drops

  • Scarf – should it get cold. It can also easily spice up your look

  • Boots – for when it rains hard and you don’t want to have a tough time during the parade

2. Mardi Gras Costume

This is one of the most exciting things to consider! Actually, it is the very heart of any Mardi Gras preparation. The fun thing with Mardi Gras is you can go as crazy or as chill as you want. You can go big-time with a flashy and unique costume idea or just lay low with a chill shirt or top. Everybody is welcome and everybody can wear whatever they want! In preparing though, you should take note of the following:

If you’d be wearing costumes and elaborate looks, ensure that your logistics are solid. Will you have enough luggage space for everything? Will your transportation allow you to bring everything easily? Will you need an extra hand for your elaborate costumes? Will you need to have them shipped to New Orleans in advance?

If you’re opting for a pretty chill look, you at least need to ensure that you’re wearing comfortable ones. Your Mardi Gras outfits should be weather-proof. It should still be comfortable for you to party should it rain hard or should it get extremely cold.

beautiful woman is holding carnival mardi gras mask to her face
Photo: Mikhail Nilov

3. Mardi Gras Shoes

Mardi Gras festivities will wear you down if you’d party with uncomfortable shoes. Choosing the right comfy shoes will depend on your scheduled activities and level of preferred comfort.

If you’d be off to street parties and expect active nights of drinking and mingling, it’s best to wear stylish shoes that will allow you to easily move. Only opt for high heels if you’re already comfortable with wearing them. You wouldn’t want a salty Mardi Gras experience just because all you remember is your feet being in pain. If you’d be attending parades, you should opt for sturdy comfortable shoes that will allow you to walk and stand for hours with no strain whatsoever.

4. Mardi Gras Safety

An average of 1.5 million people go to New Orleans for Mardi Gras every year. That many people can easily make you overwhelmed and confused if you’re not prepared. Hence, you should go out of your way to foolproof your Mardi Gras experience by taking safety precautions. To ensure that you have a very safe good time, you should do the following:

  • Don’t bring any valuables with you.

  • Don’t bring or wear any item with sentimental value. They can get easily lost if you’re partying and attending the parade.

  • Leave all precious items at home, if you can.

  • Don’t wear your wedding ring or engagement ring. A silicone ring will do.

  • Don’t have too much cash with you.

  • Keep extra cash ready in your hotel room.

  • Have a dedicated money wallet. You can even use a bra stash.

  • Drink responsibly.

  • Have your phone on and fully charged.

  • Don’t stray too far from your friends.

Photo: Mikhail Nilov

5. Mardi Gras Balls

Mardi Gras Balls are exciting! You should definitely go to one if you have the chance. Balls usually have themes so you should ensure that you know the theme for that year. Balls are extravagant so you would need to be extra when it comes to packing. You’d be expected to don formal wear so your luggage should allow you to conveniently pack a complete look. 

This is the only time that you should consider wearing heels. Carry on your dress to prevent delayed baggage. Ask your airline for a coat closet. You should just book an appointment with a local salon instead of bringing all your hair tools and makeup.

6. Packing for Mardi Gras

Your packing needs will vary depending on the looks that you’ll be wearing. If you opt to be chill, then you won’t need as much luggage space. You just need to ensure that you don’t forget the following:

  • Umbrella – it can rain really hard during Mardi Gras

  • Rain ponchos – will allow you to party more without using an umbrella

  • Jacket with pockets – will allow you to ditch having to bring a bag

  • Comfortable shoes – absolutely necessary if you want to enjoy Mardi Gras

  • GPS tracking tags – for when you forget where you place your items

  • Handy snacks – you need one to ensure that you avoid getting hangry from waiting in restaurants and when you get stuck in crowds or traffic.

  • Car cell phone charger – to allow you to juice up anytime.

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